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Building relationships the right way has always been a matter of concern even during our normal times! Isn’t it! However, when the same situation comes in post an addiction phase, things turn quite arduous. Rebuilding relationships after addiction is one of the biggest challenges.

Well! Everyone deserves a second chance and so do they!

No matter what category of relation one is trying to rebuild, ranging from casual to serious romantic or intimate to platonic, a second chance is a must. It would only work as a golden chance if used in the right form!

What do relationship require?

  • Relationships post an addiction needs an extra step that went missing in the previous innings. No matter how much love you would have extended to your beloved, you will be starting afresh, once again. However, not every relationship needs to be nurtured. Remember you got to choose from the ones that will be eliminated, safeguarded, rebuilt, repaired and even created.
  • A relationship needs your attention and time to get the right nurture. Post being an addict, you also need to be holding a secure and healthy interpersonal relationship with your beloved or mates.
  • The right proportion of emotions and devotion is the only way out to rebound over your lost relationship due to the ruining addiction, you have undergone.

Before you start!

Before you begin your relationship building process, you must know a few things!

Despite several legal advancements, addicts tend to still face a lot of social stigma around.   To make sure you don’t fall prey to the same, make sure you know the right legal help to approach. People suffering addictions aren’t weak in character or had opted for the same, cautiously but; such stigmas still prevail.

This is why to opt for a recovery, you need to identify your legal concerns with job offer and housing policies, too.

Know Your Rights

Addiction history may lead to social discriminations both in case of job, insurance and other vital needs of a righteous well-being. This is why, understanding the ins and outs of your legal rights is a mandate.

Financial Assistance Post Addiction

Financial disaster is one of biggest and most common reasons of addiction. As the addiction increases, a major portion of the finances are drained in fulfilling the addiction desires leading to bad credit score. Thus, financial obligations can be a prime stress factor during the recovery and even post recovery phase.

Career Counselling for Recovery

If you really wish to get away from the addiction and work on rebuilding relationships after addiction make sure to hold on to a valid career counselling.

Relationship Rebuilding Process- Things to Follow!

Building relationship isn’t a one day process! It not just takes days but a two way approach to make relationships work. Addictions can be a big obstacle in dealing with relationship building process.

Specially post recovering from an addiction, it not only takes a toll over your emotional  setup but, also your interpersonal factors, too.

However, still you can work progressively on rebounding your relationship buds in a pretty functional way.

Do it together

The first and foremost thing you need to remember is that nothing can happen, alone. Each time you need to bounce back to a relationship that existed earlier, even your partner needs to be in it. Without holding hands together, its not just difficult but, troublesome, too. So, better stay together!

Repair trust

Your addiction might have taken away the level of trust your partner or loved ones showed in you. All you got to do is work on repairing the same. In addition, you can also trail ahead in making them believe how much you care for them, too.

Create new friendships, too

It is quite obvious that in a lifetime we proceed and progress leaving behind a number of relations and friendships. In fact, only those remain intact in our lives that are meant to be.

So, never chase someone to be a part of your world. It will only demoralize and demotivate your better side after your addiction. Prefer to make new friendships rather than rebuilding relationships after addiction, but, only if they are worthy of the same. Entering a soup just for the sake of friendship is however, not advised.

Eliminate What’s not meant for you

As mentioned above, few relations would definitely leave your way in the due course. Even you need to understand the ones meant for you and eliminate the one’s that are unnecessary and demeaning.

Choose your company, wisely

There are fair chances of addiction returns. This is why, it is always essential to choose your company very wisely after your recovery. Apart from that, many people can make you feel left-out or ignored. Never be a part of such company!

Cut down on the unwanted soberty struggle

The biggestachievement after a recovered addiction is your recovery itself. No matter who or what level of questions the society asks, stay in your own zone. Avoid unwanted soberty struggles. Remember! You are as sober as the rest of the folks in the society after being out of the addiction.

Don’t wander to find true love

Emotional supports are the most common lookouts after having a traumatic past with addiction issues. Don’t fake it for love! Wandering here and there in search of someone to be your true love is not just a waste of energy but, your recovering standards, too. If it’s meant to be, it will definitely reach you! So, better relax!

Embrace your true mates

Hard times often uncovers the right faces. Your addiction and the struggling recovery tenure must have already taught you many things. Make sure not to forget those lessons. Avoid running after the fake faces while make sure to embrace your true mates of life.

Getting back to the same level of emotional connect with your loved one might take sometime, post your addiction recovery, however, its not impossible!

Keep trying!