power walk
power walk

Christopher Lee, Buffalo, New York Fitness Guru, Share’s 10 Outdoor Exercises To Get Fit This Summer. 

Summer is a great time to get a firm grip on a fitness routine that works. It’s a chance to not only lose weight but build muscle and enjoy amazing summer weather while you’re at it. And according to fitness trainer Christopher Lee in Buffalo, New York, several outdoor exercises effectively burn calories and improve fitness simultaneously.  

All of this can be done while making the most of summer surroundings, too! In this article, trainer Christopher Lee in Buffalo breaks down ten of the best outdoor exercises to boost your fitness this summer.

1. Power Walk at the Park

If you’re not much of a runner, it doesn’t mean you can’t blast calories away when the summer months roll around. A power walk in the park a few times a week can work wonders for the cardiovascular system.  

As a bonus, you enjoy a great view while you build stamina.

2. Use a Bench for Arm Dips

Hoping to tone up those underarms? Lee recommends using any outdoor bench to invest in a few arm dips! This simple exercise doesn’t take much time, but it can really tighten up underarm muscles.

3. Try Push-Ups at a Picnic Table

 Burning calories and toning often go hand-in-hand. An easy summertime exercise to accomplish these goals is turning a picnic table into a push-up center. 

 A set of 10 is a good starting point. This exercise can easily be paired with a summer afternoon out at the park. You’ll feel the effects in your arms quickly. Over time, repetitions can be increased to 20 or 30.

4. Jump Rope

When you’re looking for cardio benefits and weight loss results without a treadmill, head outside and bring a jump rope instead. According to top trainer Christopher Lee in Buffalo, New York, jump roping is a fantastic way to get your heart rate up quickly, sweat away the pounds, and improve your coordination at the same time.

5. Bicycle

People who love a great cardio workout and are looking to focus on leg strength will find outdoor cycling to be a comprehensive solution. Seeking out scenic trails with some hills makes it more of a challenge, and the view can be part of your reward!

6. Make Time to Rollerblade

Bring a bit of nostalgia into your summertime workout routine by heading outside with 

your rollerblades in hand.  

This fun activity takes a lot of core strength and requires attention to balance and coordination, too. Skating your way to a fit physique isn’t hard to do when you’re taking to the trails on wheels.

7. Go Swimming

For a low-impact exercise option that still burns hundreds of calories at a time, make swimming your new favorite summertime workout. Swimming is easy on the joints, but it can also tone muscle across the body and provide a challenging cardio workout.

8. Run Stairs

If you live near a stadium, take advantage of the stairs before fall football rolls around. Running stairs is a simple way to let gravity do the hard work for you. Your body weight becomes the resistance element as you tighten and tone leg, core, and arm muscles!

9. Play Sand Volleyball

Turning games into great workouts is a real advantage of summertime exercise. When you want to have fun and burn calories, too, hitting the sand volleyball court is a good place to start.  

While you’re focused on the competition, you won’t even realize how much you’re sweating and running. It’s a good cardio workout that strengthens leg muscles and arm muscles, too — not to mention offering improved coordination.

10. Go Kayaking

Getting out on the water is a staple when it comes to summertime fun. Consider hopping in a kayak when you long to hit the waves and want to pair it with a workout. Paddling alone burns a ton of calories, with an estimated 1,600 melting away over four hours. 

Your Fitness Partner

Christopher Lee in Buffalo, New York, is a certified personal trainer and fitness guru. He has a knack for honing multifaceted approaches to health and fitness that are easy to customize and fun too! 

People turn to Christopher Lee in Buffalo for his expertise in everything from athletic performance to science-based nutrition. He also specializes in functional training options and weight loss solutions.