There are two parts of weight loss routine that all of us well-known. One is eating healthily, the other one is get a regular exercise routine. In order to lose some weight, eating well is only a part of the battle. You need to complete your effort with the good exercise routine that works for you.

How Much Will It Takes?

Exercise is the action to activate your body movement regularly. You have to stay active so your body shall never stops burning the calories and burning the fat. Exercise is actually any activity that you will love to do every day.

As long as it keeps you sweating, you are free to choose what type of exercise you want. Daily activities such as house cleaning, walking from your house to your near workplace, avoiding escalator and taking the stairs instead, gardening every weekend are also considered “exercise”.

If you need something extra active (because you are out of shape already) of course, you need to choose other type of exercise that get your heart pumping and break more sweat to burn the calories faster. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends only 20-30 minutes a day for the adults to exercise. You can choose a vigorous aerobic activity like running or cycling. Actually, your options are unlimited. You should try hiking, cycling, swimming, skating, dancing, play sports and rock climbing.

How About Self-Defense Class?

It is also a type of sports or exercise for you. You can try to learn the Krav Maga, Judo, Karate, Capoera, and many more. Even activity like boxing is enough to make you sweating heavily. It is not only giving you the knowledge of self-defense, but your body is automatically will be healthy.

Exercise Machines or Tools

If you are preferred to do your exercise in a regular gym, you should go for it. Exercise is about what you are capable of and what your interest is. You can try to run on the running machine or cycling without have to go anywhere with the spinner bike. Some of people love to go to the gym because it is like their social club over there. They are meeting people with the same goal and interest, so they are more motivated to do their exercises.

They will talk about fitness and introduce a new exercise routine to try together. A lot of people are having the amazing body transformation after they’re signing up for a gym class. That is the best part when you are exercising in the gym. You can have your own personal trainer and you can notice your body improvement each week.

But what if you are a person who loves to conveniently exercise at home? If you are a type of person who loves to exercise privately in your own house and just be accompanied by your kids or family, you need your own gym room at home.  If you have your own idea or vision about your gym room or gym studio at home, you can call the health company like Hammer Fitness. Hammer Fitness is one of the health companies that work for producing fitness machine for homes.

You can consult Hammer Fitness service to provide you the best fitness machine and maybe the tools that only produced exclusively according to your preference. The best way to have you one of a kind gym studio in your own home.

Benefits of Exercise

There are so many benefits of exercise and most of them are the positive one. Exercise in a regular basis will maintain your health and avoid you from health problem. Here are the health benefits if exercise is your daily habit:

1) It Helps You Manage Your Weight

If you gain a lot of weight, exercising will help you to lose the weight faster than only portion control to your food. If you already achieved your ideal weight, exercise is helping you to maintain your healthy body weight.

2) It Boosts Energy Levels

My keeping your body active with the regular physical activity, you are maintaining a good metabolism level for your body. You are also improving your body blood circulations. You revive your cardiovascular system and let your heart and lungs working properly. You sleeps quality is also improved by regular exercise. Enough sleep will boost your energy levels and you are ready for your new day every morning.

3) It Improves Your Mood

Exercise will improve your mood by giving you a calmer effect afterward. You will feel happy and you can control your eating after exercise. Your muscles are also removed from tension feeling and you will feel more relax after a good workout.

4) Avoiding Chronic Disease

There is nothing to lose when you are stick to your regular workout. You are becoming a healthy person and you can avoid diseases such as a heart disease, cancer, obesity, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and other autoimmune diseases.