Hair Loss

It has been observed that, some people are very afraid to comb their hair because of instant hair fall. Hairs are made of a protein filament which is known as Keratin. It has been observed that, hair can grow at any part of the body.

They are actually strings of dead cells. Adult are known to have 100000 – 150000 hair on the scalp. But it is natural for human beings to have 100 strands of hair fall per day. This is defined to be a global standard and excessive hair loss can happen if there are any underlying reasons.

In order to control excessive hair loss, hair transplantation can be the only recommendation. Experts are of opinion that, Mumbai is a place where hair transplantation can be done at a competitive cost. Simultaneously, the city hosts good clinics. They implement advanced hair transplantation techniques which are safe and reliable.

Different types of hair loss:

Involutional alopecia

Involutional alopeciaThis kind of aloepecia is associated with rising age. Hair growth slows down as we all age. Age induces the fact that most of the hairs on the scalp go on resting phase. Rest of the hair get shortened in length, and also get reduced in number. Hair even becomes extremely thin till an extent of being brittle.

Telogen effluvium

This particular condition is associated with a temporary illness. This can be related to some temporary causes as well which results in a changing metabolic pattern. It has been observed that, after going through different phases such as childbirth, fever, severe illness, stress or sudden drastic weight, a person tends to lose hair drastically.  This is called as telogen effluvium. This is related to the changes of hair growth cycle.

Male and female pattern baldness

Experts have observed that there are several reasons which cause hair fall. As a matter of fact, baldness patterns are gender specific and vary from men to women. For males it is more common that, they lose their hairs from the crown area. This can happen at a very early age and give rise to androgenic alopecia. They may suffer from other baldness pattern like they may lose their hair on the top of scalp. Or they may face a receding hairline along the temples. The pattern begins at the hairline and forms the M shape.

Following this hair is lost, slowly and gradually which results in U shape on the sides of the head. It has even be noticed that, a follicle producing healthy hair starts thinning suddenly. This is predisposed condition that affects men as well as women.

On the contrary, female pattern baldness is very common and starts from entire thinning of the scalp. Sometimes, it can be observed that females suffer from extensive hair loss in the crown area. This happens from the front of the scalp and gradually becomes wider. This makes the scalp clearly wider. Women may experience thinning of hair in their early 20s as well. Noticeable change in hairline can occur till they attain the age of 40.

Patchy hair loss

Patchy hair lossHave you ever come across a baby or an young adult who has smooth hair patches on the scalp? Then, of course there is a reason to worry about. Experts are of the opinion that these persons can suffer from alopecia areata, especially in the later part of their lives. This is often called as patchy hair loss. Such patches are also visible in eyebrows, arms, legs or on their face.

It has been observed that, hair often grows back in the affected area within a period of 6 – 12 months respectively. But there is a chance that hair may grow out to be thin. This kind of disorder is generally considered as autoimmune condition. Such a condition induces the process that, hair follicles are attacked by their own body. But, in a condition called alopecia totalis, the entire scalp goes bald.

Being bald is not a great idea and baldness can bring about a massive change in your personality. Many people suffering from baldness suffer from identity crisis. They then take the expert help of the counselors and some of them are kept on strong medications as well. Stress has a major role to play, and this creates a major havoc in our lifestyles.

Experts suggest that you listen to good music, take a lot of nutritious diet, and get yourself engaged in relaxing activities. But above all, keep a check on hair fall. Visit a medical practitioner if required, and get a proper consultation.

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Ricky martin is the editor of NHT. With over three years of blogging experience in the niche of health & beauty.  He is the true believer of the hair transplant surgery as a best baldness solution.  He also has faith in natural remedies for hair loss treatment.NHT lets you compare from among several clinics and their pricing for hair transplant in Delhi.