Depression poses a serious mental health issue that cannot only affect a person’s emotions and mental well-being but also cause serious problems with their physical well-being should the condition go untreated. A lot of people do not completely understand depression; thus this mental disorder often goes undiagnosed and untreated in quite a large number of the worldwide population. While grief, sadness, and similar emotions are considered normal at infrequent intervals, constantly experiencing these emotions, could mean you are suffering from depression.

A report by Healthline explains that over 350 million, or 5%, of the worldwide population, is estimated to suffer from some type of depression – and 16 million adults who live in the United States had symptoms that suggested they are suffering from major depression in 2012. We should also mention that the report found women to be more susceptible to the development of depression than men.
DepressionOne particular problem that a lot of people have with obtaining treatment for their depression symptoms is the fact that the pharmaceutical drugs available to assist a patient with managing their mental disorder can be detrimental. WebMD explains that some of the most common side-effects that people tend to experience when they take antidepressant drugs include fatigue, drowsiness, dry mouth, insomnia, constipation, blurred vision, nausea, weight gain and even a low libido. Luckily, there are ways to naturally overcome depression and claim back your life – here, we are going to share some excellent tips to help you beat depression in a more natural way that is free of any side-effects.

11. Drink Some Chamomile Tea Before Going To Bed

According to Consumer Health Digest, symptoms of depression can include chronic fatigue, lack of energy and poor sleep. If these are symptoms you have been suffering due to your depression, then try having some chamomile tea before you go to bed. Natural Living Ideas explain that Chamomile has been proven an effective sleep inducer and a mild tranquilizer. By taking a cup of chamomile tea approximately half an hour before you get into bed, you will feel more relaxed and you might be able to overcome the sleeplessness that depression has brought upon your life.

10. Get More Sleep And Focus On Your Sleep Quality

Sleep should be an important part of your life if you suffer from depression. The Sleep Foundation explains that insomnia is very common amongst individuals who are depressed and that insomnia also puts you at a higher risk of developing depression. For this reason, it is not only that you focus on the amount of sleep you obtain, but also your quality of sleep. Go to bed earlier at night and keep technology out of the bedroom. If you struggle to fall asleep, try tip #1 on our list or opt for a natural tranquilizer tablet to help you calm down at night.

9. Have More Sex

According to Performance Insiders, low sex drive is often caused by clinical depression. On the other hand, Mother Nature Network explains that sex has been scientifically-proven to boost a person’s mood. Thus, one of the best things you can do about your depression symptoms is to have more sex. Sex will not only boost your mood but will also help you experience a significant increase in your sex drive – this means that the more sex you have, the more sex you will want to have.

8. Try To Include A Routine In Your Life

A busy schedule that is filled with more tasks than time allows for a single day can be stressful and lead to worse symptoms of depression. When we fail to create a proper routine that allows us to fulfill our daily schedule and attend to ourselves, we are less likely to suffer from these unpleasant symptoms. Try to create a routine in your life – go to bed at the same time every night, get up at the same time every morning, create a routine with your meals, your working hours and more. This will help you feel more organized.

7. Exercise More Often

Exercise is beneficial for both body and mind and is essential for maintaining your overall well-being. Unfortunately, the majority of the worldwide population are not obtaining an adequate amount of exercise daily. This can be problematic and lead to the development of unpleasant symptoms, such as an increased risk of heart disease, obesity, and cancer. Try to include more exercise routines in your daily life – exercising will not only keep your body healthy but will also help you fight against your depression symptoms.

6. Start Practicing Meditation

Meditation is an ancient technique that has been practiced by millions of people throughout time. The technique allows for a closer connection to your inner-self and is known to create a much deeper state of relaxation. For this reason, if you feel depressed, stressed and anxious, perhaps it is time you learn more about meditation. You can take some classes to help get you started. YouTube also has a lot of videos that explains how meditation works and how you can get started.

5. Switch To A Healthier, Depression-Fighting Diet

The food you eat every day has a considerable impact on your overall health. Not only does the food you consume affect your physical health, but they can also have an impact on your mental well-being. Everyday Health recommends eating foods that are high in omega-3 fatty acids, such as fatty fish. Including more low-fat dairy products, turmeric, walnuts, turkey and whole grains in your diet can also be beneficial. Additionally, green tea is also a beverage that is known to assist with reducing the symptoms of depression.

4. Stop Working After Office Hours

A lot of people are faced with a career that often requires them to take work home with them. This often calls for late night finishing reports and getting ready for meetings or presentations. Unfortunately, this also means that the stress from work is not left behind when you leave the office, but rather taken with you to your home. Try to get more done at work and leave your work at the workplace. When you get home, try to take your mind off work and spend some time with your family.

3. Reach Out To Your Loved Ones

Even though depression is known to cause people to feel lonely, it is important to remember that there are many people in your life that loves you – even though it may not always feel that way. When you feel depressed, try not to exclude all of your loved ones. Instead, reach out to them, tell them how you are feeling and allow them to be there for you. The support of loved ones can often help to boost your mood and make you feel less depressed.

2. Go On A Hiking Trip With Some Friends

Spending time in the great outdoors is another excellent tip for beating depression naturally. There are many different adventures you can go on in order to spend time outside – and by including your friends, you will be part of a group and be less likely to feel lonely. Your friends will most likely also be able to cheer you up and make you forget about the symptoms you are experiencing. Try to plan a hiking trip – if you do a Google search, you are sure to find some trials and trips you can take in your local area.

1. Add Some Lavender Oil To Your Bath

Lavender is a particularly popular plant in the modern world and is known for its calming and relaxing effects on the human body and mind. There are numerous ways to include lavender into your daily life to help you experience the benefits that this plant has for your mental well-being. One excellent way is to add some lavender oil to your bath, and to just lie down and relax for a while. This will be very relaxing and will help you feel less anxious and stressed, while also helping you sleep better at night.


Depression can be a life-altering condition and difficult to cope with. The pharmaceutical treatment options for depression can also be unpleasant and lead to a variety of side-effects. Instead of continuing to worry about your depression symptoms and the possibility of developing adverse reactions when taking antidepressants, try some of our natural remedies to help you overcome depression without having to undergo the risks involved with pharmaceutical drugs. In this post, we provided 11 different natural ways you can improve your mental health, reduce the severity of your depression episodes and ultimate claim back your life.