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The Subtlety of Lingual Braces

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Dental braces are usually associated with children but recent figures show that half of the patients of orthodontic practices in the UK are actually adults. Getting braces is never a pleasant experience. I remember getting fixed braces when I was eleven and feeling embarrassed about the way they made my mouth look and the way that they initially obstructed my speech. I imagine that getting them as an adult could be even more embarrassing because of the traditional association with children.
It is therefore interesting to find out that many celebrities are opting for the dental brace treatment. Celebrities, and actors in particular, are constantly pressured to look their best since any flaws will usually be picked up on by tabloid news outlets. Braces are a great solution for fixing an imperfect smile and nowadays many types of braces are near invisible thanks to recent developments in cosmetic dentistry.

Many celebrities prefer to use hidden braces in order to keep their teeth straightening discreet. One of the most popular options are lingual braces which are virtually invisible when worn. Traditional metal braces are usually quite conspicuous because of the prominent wires and brackets that are fixed to the front of teeth.

Lingual braces are different since they are worn on the back of teeth, making them unobtrusive as well as concealed. Lingual braces are so subtle that celebrities can even smile for photographs from numerous angles without revealing their orthodontic assistance. In 2009 it was revealed that Prince William wore lingual braces.

This was only discovered when he was photographed from an extreme aerial view. William later admitted that he had been wearing them for years, but even though he had been photographed thousands of times no one had previously noticed. After this earth-shattering revelation it turned out that Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge had followed in her husband’s footsteps and gotten lingual braces as well.

Another celebrity who opted for the lingual approach is singer and television presenter Myleene Klass who was not particularly ashamed of her newly acquired braces. While being photographed at an event Klass decided to open her mouth, purposefully revealing her lovely lingual braces.

Lingual braces do unfortunately have certain disadvantages. The fitting procedure can be rather lengthy and complicated. Also, in some cases lingual braces can take up to four weeks to properly adapt to the patient’s mouth. As a user of lingual braces I can attest that the first couple of weeks are marked by excessive pain and discomfort.

Food gets caught in the wires and chewing is a nightmare, which means that for the first two weeks your diet is likely to consist of soup and yoghurts. However, it’s a great feeling once you get over the initial hump and can comfortably eat solids again. Nowadays I barely even notice that I have braces since I have become so used to them. Lingual braces really are a great way to discreetly correct a smile.

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