Meditation is a form of relaxation and concentration that has been practiced since thousands of years. However, only recently have meditation techniques been used for taking care of the ailment of patients. One must understand that this is used as a form of alternative therapy that compliments the core medical solutions for a particular ailment. As a medical professional, patient care is your responsibility and hence you can use various therapeutic techniques to give your patient relief, provided they have no side effects.
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The Meditation Technique

There are various techniques of meditation that are popular all over the world. However, if you want to categorize these techniques then you can do so, under two broad sections. The first could be the Zen-based technique which is ‘insight’ oriented and the other is the Hinduism based form, which revolves around the idea of ‘concentration’. New age gurus have come up with various forms of meditation but all such new age techniques take their basic premise from these categories.
The Meditation Technique

Patient care and Meditation

It might come as a surprise to many, but it has been scientifically proven that many a meditation technique can be used to alleviate the suffering of patient. After all, meditation does nothing but relaxes and re-energizes the mind, and therefore is a great option for patients who are pain. Today, quite a number of medical experts offer their patients procedures and tips to follow a particular type of meditation technique, and thus facilitate patient care.

Meditation and Asthma

Asthma, as we all know, is quite painful and is a condition that affects the breathing of a sufferer. It has been seen that that a type of yoga based medication known as ‘Sahaja Yoga’ goes a long way in positively affecting an ailing person. Clinical tests have proven that there is a distinct improvement in people who adopt this meditation technique. This is a kind of specific technique that medical professionals can suggest to their patients as a part of patient care.

Transcendental Meditation and Ailments

Another type of meditation that is patient specific is transcendental meditation. Again, clinical tests have proven that heart patients who meditate using this typical technique can benefit, specifically with regards to physical functioning. Moreover, the incidences of heart failures would also diminish if such people were to adopt this technique on a regular basis. The basis of this particular meditation technique is based on the concept of rest. The mind, which is generally hyperactive, settles down and quiets down and experiences a deep sense of relaxation.

Chronic Pain and Medication Technique

Imagine a patient suffering from chronic pain. It’s not advisable to get him/her hooked onto painkillers. In such cases patient care can be achieved if you suggest meditation as a means of decreasing or curing pain. It’s been proven, that it works. All in all, it’s a natural process of patient care with zero side-effects. There is no harm in making meditation a part of the overall process of patient care.
Chronic Pain and Medication Technique

How To Meditate: Meditation Techniques

If you ask a layman, meditation is a means of reliving daily stress and can be attributed to a therapy for the tired mind. It is interesting to note that there is no ‘perfect’ way of meditating and a method may work wonders for some while proving inefficient for others. Meditation also varies in accordance to your mood. If you are keen to meditate, you may like to follow the listed methods.

Meditation Through The Means Of A Recorded Message

If in case you are new to the concept of meditation, you may like to begin meditating by listening to a recorded message. These could be in the form of a special discourse by a renowned saint or a peaceful tune such as those sung by the Buddhist monks.
When you sit to meditate, you simply need to switch the player on and listen to the soothing tunes. Soon your mind would be free of stress and you would appear calm and relaxed.

Meditate By Using Breathing Techniques

Just as the word implies, breathing meditation focuses on your breathing. You start slowly by feeling your breadth and then progress to the next level by taking deeper breadths. In the advanced stages, you might have to inhale deeply, hold your breadth and then exhale. When you meditate using your breadth as a medium, you feel energized as you body is cleansed of its negative energy. After a while, you feel recharged and a surge of vitality rushes through your system.

Meditate Through The Means Of The Cosmic Force

This is another form of mediation wherein you make use of the cosmic energy to generate a vision which you wish to see. This is an advanced form of meditation and takes time to learn. In order to reach to this form you would have to meditate on a regular basis. It is a tried and tested method and is said to work wonders for a human mind. It is also said to be de-stressing and releases you from all possible tensions.

Meditate Through The Means Of Yoga

Yoga is an ancient technique of meditation through which the body is synchronized with the mind to get the desired results. If you wish to meditate through the means of yoga, you would need to attend classes on a regular basis. You may get valuable information about the benefits of yoga through the means of the internet. Yoga as an art form is also important to keep you physically fit. It has been tried and tested and even used as an alternate therapy. Hence, if you wish to combine the efforts a skilled meditation and a relaxing exercise, I believe yoga is the best available option in the present era.

Meditate Through The Means Of Media

Life is fast and the pace at which we move it is quite possible that we may never find the time for meditation. In such a scenario, we are left with no option but to associate ourselves with the electronic media and fulfill our quest to meditate through the means of pre-recorded meditation techniques or live performances.

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