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So You Have a Mental Illness. Join the Community.

We live in a very interesting world, where many people are discouraged or afraid to open up about their struggles with mental illness.

The reality, however, is that more than 20% of people have some sort of mental illness – and even for those that don’t, everyone struggles with some mental difficulties at some time during their life.

This means that you have nothing to worry about. Coming out about a mental health problem means that you’re actually just becoming part of a community of other people who have had similar difficulties.

More than that, you’re actually helping to bring awareness to the increasing problem of mental illness.

Don’t Fall Down the Rabbit Hole of Sadness

Many people refuse to acknowledge their mental illnesses, for fear that they will seem weak or vulnerable.

The truth is that we are all vulnerable, and the only way to improve and grow stronger is to acknowledge that vulnerability. In this case, that means accepting that your mental health may not be perfect and accepting that you may need help for it.

The first and most important step for optimizing your mental health is to embrace any imperfections or difficulties that you have. We all struggle with our ‘shadow side’ – the less-than-ideal, flawed part of ourselves that sometimes seems easier to hide.

We all have this shadow side, but the only people who are able to fully embrace themselves are those who acknowledge their shadow side. Not just acknowledge it, but embrace it and learn to love it. This is part of the process of working through mental health problems.

This might seem hard at first. Some people think that acknowledging mental health problems is the same thing as acknowledging weakness.

It’s not. It’s acknowledging that we live in a very complicated and difficult period of time and recognizing that the difficulties that we face can have an impact on our mental health.

What Can We Do?

If you have acknowledged that your mental health might be at risk, then it’s the next logical step to consider what you could do to improve it.

There are a lot of things that you can do, but the most important and reliable thing is to seek therapy, especially considering the fact that therapy is at your fingertips nowadays.

Therapy can be helpful for a number of reasons.

  • Therapy can help you recognize mental illnesses for what they are.
  • Therapy can help provide you with the tools needed to overcome any mental health problems.
  • Therapy can be great for helping you to learn more about yourself so that you can maximize your well-being and lead the fullest life possible.

One of the most important things to remember is that mental health problems shouldn’t be seen as isolating.

People who struggle with mental health problems are a part of a community, and they can work together to help bring awareness to the problem. They can help each other and provide advice that can lead to the betterment of people all throughout the world.


Mental health problems are nothing to scoff at. They are serious issues that affect a large number of people throughout the world, and they need to be recognized.

Fortunately, more and more people are becoming aware of mental health problems. These people are helping to build a community of mental health advocates.

Simply by opening up about their struggle with mental health problems, these people are helping others to acknowledge and overcome their problems.

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