Skeeter Syndrome

There are many reasons why misquotes are hated pests. They carry a number of diseases such as t the West Nile virus as well as the Zika virus. They can also carry malaria. Mosquitos can be annoying and can ruin outdoor events.

Many people are also allergic to their bites. The bites are bumpy, itchy, and get swollen. There is a name for this condition caused by the mosquito bite. It is known as skeeter syndrome.

What is Skeeter Syndrome?

Skeeter syndrome is often found in medical books. It is the inflammation that is caused by mosquito bites including the itching and the swelling. When a person has skeeter syndrome they will often have a fever.

According to information published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, they have found cases of this in otherwise healthy children. There have been several severe cases reported in the United States.

Dr. Purvi Parikh who is an allergist and immunologist has state that skeeter syndrome is due to an allergy to the proteins that are found in mosquito saliva. Many people will get a bump and itching.

If a person has a severe reaction they may have skeeter syndrome. If the red bump does not go down and if they are in a lot of pain this can be a sign that there is another issue going on besides a simple reaction to a bite.

People that have an allergic reaction will experience these symptoms within minutes or even hours of being bitten. People do not seek out treatments for these bites and the reason why some people have stronger reactions than others is not known.

There are also some people that attract mosquitoes more than others. The reason for this is not known as well.

Symptoms of Skeeter Syndrome

Skeeter Syndrome

Some of the common symptoms of this syndrome include swelling, a bump that become hot and itchy, and a person can feel pain. If a person has an entire arm that is swollen due to getting bitten by a mosquito they should see a doctor.

Some people have even more severe reactions. Their face and eyes may become puffy, the eyes may swell up so they are shut, and the arms and legs can become red and swollen.

These bites can also lead to blistering and a person may notice some bruising. People can have a fever and they may vomit. Others will have trouble breathing.

While these symptoms are annoying they are not as dangerous as bee allergies. Skeeter syndrome does not lead to anaphylaxis. A person cannot die from a reaction to a mosquito bite but the can be in a lot of pain and discomfort. This airway will not completely close up like bee strings.

Difference Between Skeeter Syndrome and Skin Infections

There is a difference between skeeter syndrome and skin infections although they do share some common symptoms. Both conditions will lead to redness, pain, and swelling.

Both conditions are due to bug bites. Infections take longer to appear. It will take days for the symptoms to show up. If a person has skeeter syndrome these symptoms will show up right away.

People that have skeeter syndrome are at a higher risk for this leading to skin infections. They are more likely to scratch at the bug bites which can make them worse and take more time to heal.

Scratching will also put a person at a higher risk for infection. If a person has a bug bite and it appears to be getting worse over a couple of days they should visit their doctor to see if it became infected.

Treatment for Skeeter Syndrome

If a person cannot enjoy going outside due to mosquitoes the best thing they can do is to take measures from getting a bite. There are bug sprays that are designed to keep the mosquitos away.

A person should also wear clothing to cover their arms and legs when they are going into areas that have a lot of mosquitoes such as a hike in the woods.

If a person has gotten bite by a mosquito there are some things they can do to help speed up the healing process.

A person should use an antihistamine such as Benadryl to reduce the swelling and the itching. A person can also use hydrocortisone cream to provide relief. This cream is available over the counter and can be applied right to the bite.

There are some things that can be done around the home to make it an unpleasant area for mosquitos. There are a number of bug sprays and bug traps that can be placed around the home. They will be unappealing to the mosquito.

A person needs to check their property and remove anything that contains still water. The still water will attract the mosquitoes. It is important to get rid of their living environment as well as food source around the property.

Ice or a compress can also be applied to the bug bite. This is good if the bite is hot and the bump is getting bigger. If a person has a really bad reaction to mosquito bites there is additional help that they can get.

Some allergists offer allergy shots. This will help a person that is very sensitive to bites. These shots are not something that most people are interested in.

They do require a monthly commitment. This condition is not life-threatening. It is best to avoid mosquitoes as much as possible.

If a person does have a mosquito bite that keeps on getting bigger, if they are in a lot of pain, or develop a high fever they should visit a doctor to help manage these severe conditions.

Mosquitoes are annoying pests and can cause a lot of discomfort to most people. There are some that are very sensitive and suffer from a condition known as skeeter syndrome.

If a person does suffer from this condition their best practice is to take precaution and avoid mosquito-infested areas as much as possible.