Chlamydia is diseases transmitted because of sexual intercourse. It is one of the STDs. It is estimated that more than 2.8 million new cases of the disease are added in the US annually. The disease is common to both men and women.

There are different means of transmitting that disease and they include rectal intercourse, vaginal, and through oral intercourse and so on.

The disease is curable. It contains symptoms and these symptoms might not be noticeable. For some patients suffering from that ailment, it does not contain any symptom. For that reason, it is possible that many patients can go with it untreated.

It is always advisable to ask for treatment when you are diagnosed of this disease or any similar disease. The consequence on women can be severe more than it can be for men. It can lead to pelvic and in extreme cases, the problem can cause infertility.

The major carrier of that disease is a bacterium known as chlamydia trachomatis. It goes viral through the woman vaginal track. Once man has an unprotected sexual intercourse with that woman, he can contact it through the vaginal track.


You have seen that bacteria known as chlamydia trachomatis cause the disease and it is transmitted through sexual intercourse. When you have unprotected sex, you can contact the disease through rectal, vaginal as well as oral sex.

When you have sexual intercourse with an affected person, it can be transmitted through that process. Research has shown that the risk of infection is higher in younger people within the age range of 25 or below that age.

Risk factors are many, but when you engage in unprotected sex, and when you have multiple sex partners, you could contact the disease. If you had previous history of chlamydia, chances are there that you can contact that disease.


Many people do not know they are suffering from the problem. For such people they will not look for solution on time.

This is because the symptoms are mild, and they hardly know that they are suffering from it. Symptoms can become manifest within the first one to three weeks a patient is infected with the disease.

Here are the likely symptoms that can show that you might be suffering from that problem and they include the following.

When there is an unusual discharge from the vagina in the case of the women, or when there is an unusual discharge from the penis in the case of men.

Another symptom is when there is pain during sexual intercourse, especially in the case of women. It can be a sign of the symptom. Another symptom is when there is bleeding during sexual intercourse in the case of women.

Furthermore, when there is swelling and pain in the testicles. It is a sign that you might be suffering from that condition.

Other indication includes pain as well as a burning sensation when you are urinating. Moreover, if you experience pain in the lower abdomen, it could be another indication that all are not well and that you could be suffering from that condition.

In addition to that, there could be rectal pain as well bleeding and this is often the case when the rectum is affected.

It is recommended that the condition can be treated when you notice it. Complications that result from that condition can lead to other things for both men and women sufferers. One of the major problems includes PID, which is the pelvic inflammatory disease.

This is a bad condition for women because it can damage the ovaries. The worst is that it can damage the fallopian tubes as well as the uterus and when that becomes the case, it leads to infertility.

In case of men, it can cause severe complications like prostatitis as well prostate gland inflammation and epididymis condition and so on.



The right thing to do is to go for testing and check whether you are actually suffering from that condition. This can help because it can be difficult to detect it in time. Screening tests are recommended to discover the condition in time.

The disease is curable when you apply the right medication treatment. The most common method of treatment includes oral antibiotics. The best-known medication includes Zithromax and it belongs to a brand name called azithromycin. Other forms of treatment include erythromycin and doxycycline and so on.

Most importantly, preventive measures should be applied to get the correct result. If you abstain from sex, you cannot contact it. Furthermore, when you want to have sex, use something to protect yourself to avoid contacting this problem.

If you are undergoing the treatment, it is recommended that, you abstain from sex within the first seven days of that treatment. It is better to commence treatment in time once you suspect this condition. The most important thing is that you avoid having unprotected sex to avoid contacting the disease.