Inpatient Rehab

Why-inpatient-treatment is something that addicts occasionally ask when deciding to go to rehab. While you might think that an outpatient program is best for you, you really need to look at the benefits of inpatient programs before making a decision. An inpatient program can help you focus on yourself without the thoughts, opinions or judgments of others getting in the way.

You also have the chance to completely remove yourself from the temptations that can make you go back to using. Looking at the top reasons to choose an inpatient facility can help you understand why these are right for some.

No Judgments

As someone who used drugs and other substances in the past, you might feel ashamed of some of the decisions that you made, especially in regards to your loved ones. Drugs can make you act out in ways you never imagined possible, including lying to those who love you and stealing from them. Trying to recover from your addictions with those people nearby is almost impossible. Inpatient centers let you escape from their judgments and focus solely on you.

Set Schedule

Medical professionals believe that those who follow a set schedule are more likely to recover from their addictions than those who have more freedom. In an outpatient program, there is no one holding you accountable for your actions.

You can show up for counseling or a stress management class whenever you want and skip meetings when you’re too busy or want to do other things. An inpatient program requires that you follow a set schedule and attend meetings at the same time daily. This structure helps you focus your attention on getting better without worrying about going to class or working a shift.

Constant Supervision

Trying to avoid drugs or alcohol at home is almost impossible because you know exactly where to go to get the substances that you want to use and exactly how much those substances cost. Though your loved ones care about you and want you to get clean and sober, they cannot watch you 24-hours a day and seven-days a week.

Outpatient programs give you more freedom and makes it easier for you to get your hands on those substances. Inpatient programs limit where you go and what you can do. You’ll also have constant supervision and a team of professionals looking out for you.

Emergency Support

If you tried to stop using drugs on your own in the past, you likely experienced withdrawal. Those symptoms can last for a few hours or several days. This can make you feel nausea, make you throw up, leave you dealing with constipation or diarrhea and stomach cramps and even cause headaches or muscle pains.

There is also a chance that you might fall into a coma while going through withdrawal. Inpatient programs offer emergency support for those going through withdrawal as well as those who suffer cravings or panic attacks in the middle of the night.

Temptation Avoidance

One of the hardest parts of getting over a drug addiction is dealing with the temptations that you face daily. You might find yourself driving by the same houses where you attended parties in the past and running into a former dealer in the middle of your favorite store.

As avoiding temptation is so important in the early days of your recovery, it’s often best to check into an inpatient program until you learn how to battle those temptations. Counselors can teach you how to deal with those temptations outside too.

Limited Access

A great benefit to attending an inpatient rehab is that it limits the access that you have to the outside world. When you have a fight with your spouse or a close friend, you might get a craving for your drug of choice and head right to your dealer.

If you experience stress or anxiety in the treatment center, you can talk with a counselor and get your feelings under control without using again. These centers limit the access you have to the people who make you want to use drugs.

Inpatient rehab centers often emphasize the importance of the power of me too thinking, which teaches you how to put your own needs first and use the power inside yourself to battle your addictions. These centers limit the contact you have with the outside world to help you put yourself first and use all your energy to put your past behind you as you look forward to the future.