dental implants

Are you one among the several millions of Americans who are unhappy with their untimely tooth loss and looking for an alternative to regain their smile? Dentures and bridges were previously the sole options for people suffering from tooth loss. Currently, dental implants have become one of the best alternatives for more than 2 million people who wish to fill the gaps between their teeth. 

If you’re looking for a Cottonwood implant dentistry to replace your lost teeth, you should first educate yourself on the unknown facts about this process. We have compiled a list of facts that you should consider if you’ve been thinking of dental implants as your last resort. 

Implants are equally strong as natural teeth

If you’ve long been looking for something that is equally strong as your natural teeth, dental implants are the best option. Their durability closely matches actual teeth. You can ask people who have opted for dental implants whether or not they face any difficulty while chewing or biting. They’ll only tell that their experience of dental implants is identical to having their own teeth.

It’s worth investing in dental implants

Apparently, the cost of dental implants may seem to be a bigger investment initially than the other alternatives like partials or dentures. However, dentures and partials have to be replaced every few years due to the alteration of your jawbone. Such costs will add up in the long run and become a financial burden. On the contrary, dental implants last for a lifetime. 

Dental implants are convenient

Even if you invest in the costliest best-fitting dentures, they may become loose at the most unexpected times. To stay away from such embarrassment, invest in dental implants. You don’t need pastes, dental adhesives, or powders. You also don’t have to worry about your implants falling off and exposing your missing teeth. 

Implants retain the natural health of your jawbone

It is a fact known to all that the health of your jawbone depends on your teeth. When you have missing teeth, the bone that lies beneath that missing teeth will start demineralizing. This can cause damage to your jawbone. In the case of dental implants, you can stop this from occurring as the implants bond directly with the jawbone. On the other hand, the other restorative alternatives adjusted at the top of your gum can leave you boneless in the near future.

Speaking is more convenient with implants

When you wear dentures, you may find it difficult to speak as you get the feeling of having a block in your mouth. In fact, there are several who think their dentures might slip while speaking. Will it be a proper option to take off your dentures to make yourself understood in the public? Well, certainly not! Hence, to avoid this embarrassment, go for dental implants as they give you a more natural feel.

Hence, if you suffer from missing teeth, you needn’t worry as you have dental implants to suffice your needs. Consult your dentist and know about your choices.