Generally, exams are considered as memory tests based upon specific blue print, answer key, and certain criteria for evaluation. One can see that exams are interconnected with short-time and longtime internal evaluation to check whether the student did attain the expected level of achievement or not. In general sense, exams conducted after a term or semester determines the future and is termed as turning points in student’s lives. At the same time, this sort of unwanted hype results in stress and anxiety among students. Exams can affect the smooth functioning of a student in different ways.

For instance, some students feel more anxiety and some others handle exams in a cool manner, no matter what. But it is important to manage stress by eliminating anxiety, otherwise it will affect the student’s ability to learn and may lead to depression. A little bit of stress is good for every matter, because it gives more motivation and provides energy to make hard work. But if the stress increases we can easily identify it, because heart rate will increase, and lack of concentration may occur in similar situations. So, it is important to manage stress before exams.

To manage stress, it is important to understand the cause of stress. There are many reasons for exam related stress including low motivation, lack of preparation, high expectation from families etc.  Some tips are indicated below to control stress before exams.

Listening to one’s favorite music

Listening, especially to soothing music, will create positive energy to our mind. It will wipe out the bad mood and increase positivity in our mind. While listening to music, mind will become cool and stress free. Because of that, mind will eliminate stress from the mind and it normalizes the heart rate and it mainly makes the mind and body relaxed. This improves psychological functions of the students, by slowing down the pulse and heart rate. Music acts as a brain surgery in our brain it eliminates all the negative thoughts and makes it healthy.

When this idea is superimposed into the scenario of a student who is facing stress related to exams, it is evident that music can play the role of a medicine to illness. To be specific, music can help the student to get instant relief from stress because it helps to gain momentary escapade from exam related stress in general.

Quick walk

Brisk walk without any particular aim is essential for human beings for relaxation. When we indulge in the process of walking, out mind too moves with the same. When exams occur, students ponder over the end result and think that their level of learning is not enough to gain high scores. Similarly, sitting and reading for hours cannot bring forth positive result in exams because it can entrap a student in stress. For instance, sitting for a long time and looking at the pages of a book can disturb human brain because the same too need relaxation. In actual sense, we are forcefully stuffing information into the brain, and it makes the brain weaker.

Making a quick walk before an exam will raise the memory power and it helps to increase the blood flow into the brain. It helps the brain to recollect information stored in different areas of brain. One can see that normal physical activity helps to release the production of endorphins. It makes the brain feel good. A quick walk increases the heart rate and during walk we try to inhale and exhale air more than usual walk. It increases the blood flow to the brain. So, it is important to get indulged in brisk walking before the exam, so as to release stress.

Breathing techniques

You might have seen that some students before exam indulge in final preparation by going thought notes, charts, figures, and one-word question answers. Some others get indulged in utter confusion and stress by conducting brisk discussion on the portions that are not covered by them. Some other students keep calm and take deep breaths and relax. Deep breathing is one of the best ways to release stress before exams. When we breathe deeply, it makes a message to the brain to relax.

After that, brain sends another message to the body to calm down. Because of that, the amount of stress hormones will decrease in the blood. Breathing exercise is a good way to become calm and it reduces stress. Breathing techniques are easy to learn and we can use it in any situation when we feel stress. There are different types of breathing like belly breathing, pranayama, etc. In short, students can make use of any breathing technique to keep them away from stress related to exams in general.

Sleep well

Sleeping is a normal process in human life. Most of us don’t know the health benefits of sleeping, still we sleep. A deep and sound sleep can help one to reduce stress, and it is essential to sleep for at least six or seven hours. When an exam occurs in a student’s life, his or her brain will crave for rest because mind cannot function properly under stress. If we overload the information into the brain, without adequate sleep, the same will weaken the brain.

During an exam, human brain with less relaxation will face a number of problems related to the process of recollecting information, and the end result will be unexpected loss of memory, and perhaps, total blank out. So, it is essential for the human brain to have relaxation in the form of sound and deep sleep. Besides, sound sleep can help students to be free from mood swings.

To be specific, sleeping can help to regenerate the level of energy in human beings. So, it helps the brain to work more powerful than the previous day. There are certain things to be needed for better sleep. For instance, regular time for going to bed can create a perfect biological clock in human beings, and the same can result in positive results. If not, stress will become a usual phenomenon in human life and it will be difficult to have instant escapade from the same.

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