According to a study done in 2014, from Indiana University states that around 50 percent of women prefer their men to be fully or partially shaved. It majorly depends on your choice that how do you want to present yourself. But in order to socialize like civilized men, we must take care of body hair. Yes! we know you visit your barber twice a month. Which is actually nice.

Maintaining a nice haircut is a necessity but almost everyone does it. But we are not just talking about hair that grows on your head. Here’s a guide on how to look amazing with simple grooming tips.

Let’s start with the Basics

GroomerNow, if you’re reading this article then you might have some experience in shaving and trimming. But it is ok either ways, Beginning with basic hair composition. Hair consists of three basic layers namely; Cuticle, Cortex, and medulla.

  • The outermost layer- Cuticle; Your hair gets their glossy look from this layer.
  • The middle one- Cortex; This part is responsible for the texture and the elasticity of your hair.
  • The innermost layer- Medulla; This part is usually found in the beard region due to the thickness. The medulla is generally missing in soft or thin hair type.

The cortex is the reason why it is advised to wet the hair with warm water prior to the shave. The irritation whilst shaving on dry hair is caused because of the elasticity feature of the cortex. Wetting the hair relieves the tension in the hair which prevents unpleasant shaving experience.

Starting with Facial Hair

If you are looking for facial hair suggestion. Then, we have listed two styles you can go for blindly. One cannot possibly go wrong with these and they suit almost everyone.

10 Day Stubble!

Backing our suggestion with science again, Researchers from Australia conducted a study in which pictures of 10 men were displayed. It was in the series from clean shaved to a fully grown beard. The results were shocking and unexpected. According to the study done, 5-day stubble was rated the least attractive. The study involved hundreds of women and homosexual men.

So, it does not matter what your sexual preference is but you might not want to go out with a light stubble now. The most appreciated style was, you must have guessed it by now obviously, the 10-day stubble. If you are one those bearded handsome hunks. Now you know how much you need to grow to look your best!

Clean Shave

Whilst most men are sporting a bearded look these days, the demand for clean-shaved lads is always high. According to a study done in 2003, the personnel managers preferred clean-shaven men over men with any other style for jobs. Now, you know which style you should pick for an interview. Clean shaved men also give out a hygienic and healthier vibe.

Because beard can cause and promote bacterial growth. Moreover, when you shave the beard it exfoliates the skin by removing the dead skin cells. Removal of that dead weight leads opening of clogged pores and results in a healthier smoother skin. Also, it is a well-known fact that a clean shaved face is much friendlier and charming.


You must have already heard of this word by now. If not, it is actually shaving off your body hair like;

  • Chest
  • Back
  • Armpit
  • Legs and,
  • Pubic Hair.

Manscaping promotes the general idea of hygiene. It differentiates you from the guy you probably don’t want to be or you already are but haven’t realized it yet. If not for yourself then please do it for your partner because he or she deserves a smoother, healthier and hygienic skin. Now that you know the importance of it. Let’s move to the other obvious question “can I use my regular Groomer?’’.

Yes, you can, but it is like drinking a soft drink when you really want water. It will give you relief to some extent but isn’t that effective. But if your budget allows, buying different razor is recommended. Buying different razors for a different body part is an investment as the skin is not same throughout the body.

Benefits of buying an Electric Groomer

The term asset can be used to refer an electric groomer because owing one benefits you in a number of ways. we have listed a few pros of having one handy;

  • Time and Money saver: We totally understand if you find it difficult to take out special time to visit a barber because you either belong to the busy or the lazy squad. Though investing in an electric groomer is a little expensive earlier but it goes a long way to save you money in long-term.
  • Fade or close shave: A little Fade above the jaw can do wonders or if you generally shave close. Then using an electric groomer can give you favorable results.
  • Say no to cuts and nicks: Using an electric groomer reduces the chances of getting a cut or nick and has proven to reduce the ingrown hair.
  • Defines handy: To use an electric groomer it is not necessary to use additional products like gel and shaving cream. Moreover, they are portable, you can totally rely on these in case of an emergency.

How to Deal with Cuts

Nicks and cuts are the collateral damages that usually occurs in the process of looking
handsome. But other than wrapping your face with toilet paper or tissues it is best to use a specialized product made for cuts like aftershave, alum blocks, shaving gels, and rollers. But if its an emergency then
you can try these home remedies like;

  • Applying cold water
  • Apply some lip balm
  • Applying listerine
  • Applying petroleum jelly


Moisturising the skin is probably the most underrated but very critical part of your daily routine. One cannot stress enough on this topic. It does not matter what kind of facial style you prefer. Moisturising the skin after you shave and clean is a must. It hydrates your skin, keeps it younger, reduces the agitation and itchiness on the skin and many more benefits like this.

To conclude it all, it doesn’t really matter what kind of style you prefer. Whether it is bold and bearded or smooth and clean. Grooming on daily basis and maintaining the look is a must. That is all about on how to stay groomed and young.