Air Mattress

Air mattresses are inflatable mattresses. Without inflation, they reduce to a smaller size and the owner can fold or roll them to make it easier for them to carry or store the mattress. People commonly use air mattresses during camping trips and temporary housing situations. For example, when living in a rental home while your house is under construction or renovation.

Polyvinylchloride (PVC) makes air mattresses with a few recent exceptions that consist of rubber or urethane plastic that is textile-reinforced. The inflation may be oral through the owner blowing into a valve or using an electric pump. A few inflate themselves immediately after you open the valve. Every time you move into a new house, you undertake a lot of costs and restraints.

An air mattress is cheaper; you may find yourself opting to sleep on it until you gain a sense of stability in your new home before you find a proper mattress. This being the most common case, it is advisable that you do not sleep on your air mattress for a long period to avoid risking your health.

You can also find a proper mattress at an affordable price through ChooseMattress. This will enable you to get a mattress that will be comfortable for your body and health. These are the risks of sleeping on an air mattress for a long period.

1. It will be difficult for you to regulate your temperature due to the PVC that makes the air mattress

This material will cause the mattress to be hot due to its ability to absorb heat, which means you will sweat when you sleep on the mattress. During the winter your mattress will be extremely cold and it will be difficult for you to regulate your temperature unless you sleep under a couple of warm blankets and cover yourself with a couple more.

2. The air mattress is not built for comfort hence it will not be able to support your body in the best way

Most people who use air mattresses for a long period begin to complain about their limbs aching, necks stiffening and their sore backs, which translates to a terrible night. The air mattress does not have the capacity to provide people with the level of comfort that aligns their bodies to their spines hence they are likely to wake up with morning pains and aches. In the end, they cause you stiffness and back pain.

3. The maintenance requirements of an air mattress will overwhelm you

A typical mattress requires little maintenance; you flip them on different sides occasionally. An air mattress requires you to inflate it a few times a week, which is draining, and downright exhausting. In some severe cases, people inflate the mattress every single day. They are also prone to developing holes so you get extra work from patching them up before inflating them. It takes a lot to make sure your air mattress is working properly.

4. You will experience sleep discomfort

This could potentially lead to sleepless nights, which is unhealthy. You are required to have a good night’s sleep after working the whole day to ensure your body regains its energy. Losing sleep because of an air mattress will disorganized your everyday programmed and make you less productive.

5. It will be difficult for you to share an air mattress with your partner

Air mattresses move the moment someone turns while sleeping on them. This means that you are at risk of losing sleep especially when you or your partner is not a deep sleeper. One movement from either of you will potentially wake the other and rob them of their well-deserved rest.

Those people who have been sleeping on an air mattress have probably experienced everything mentioned above. Your body goes through a lot during the day and the complications that arise from using an air mattress will leave you bruised and broken.

Resolve to get yourself a good mattress that will allow you to rest. The price should not concern you so much as the major issue is your health and your sanity. To function properly, you need to be well; mind, body and soul. This means that your time for rest should be full of bliss and not traumatize you at all. Do not use air mattresses for a long period if you want to live healthy.