There are many factors to consider when considering the option of sperm donation for conception.  Perhaps one of the biggest questions you might face throughout this process is that of whether to use a known or unknown donor for the sperm donation.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to both of these options, and this article will discuss some of those advantages and disadvantages.

Take these facts and examples into consideration when making your decision so that you can make a more informed decision. Both are viable options, it’s simply a matter of weighing the pros and cons of each and making a decision that is best for yourself.

Known donor

Using a known donor is a viable option if you are willing to weigh the pros and cons. A known donor can be anyone with whom you have a close relationship and trust to be a part of this process. Some pros of using a known donor could include some of the following examples: you know and trust this person enough to have them be a part of the child’s life, or you know them well enough to know that they would be a donor and not try to assume a parenting role.

Also, having a known donor that might not always be involved would make it easier on you if your child decides he/she wants to know the donor. Some cons could include causing problems with your relationship to the donor if the donor decides they want to change the agreement, or not provide help, etc. The known donor might also want to fight for custody eventually, if they are a part of the child’s life currently.

Unknown donor

Choosing to use an unknown donor also has plenty of pros and cons to consider.  Some of the pros of choosing an unknown donor could be that there is no stress about the donor fighting for custody or wanting to be involved, which would mean less stress for you.

Another pro could be that you are left to raise your child on your own with your own value set, without having to raise them with someone else.  Some cons of choosing to use an unknown donor could also be that your child might be resentful or have hurtful feelings regarding not having a father in their life, or not knowing who their father is. This could cause major issues between you and your child, which is something you would want to avoid.

As you can see, there are many pros and cons to using both a known and unknown donor for your conception.  Before making your decisions, weigh the pros and cons of both options in detail in order to make your choice.  Your choice should be a personal one, and the one that best suits your personal values and desires.