Hyperbaric chambers

When you see these words next to each other, hyperbaric chambers, they might seem weird at first. Why would someone create a hyperbaric room? For those who do not know this, the word hyperbaric is related to the pressure, to be more exact, “of, relating to, or utilizing greater than normal pressure”. So, once again… why create a room like this?

First of all, we need to know that hyperbaric chambers are not actual rooms. They are indeed closed spaces, but smaller ones, used for a therapy called HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy). What is that you may ask, and we are here to answer. HBOT is a “procedure” that lets people breathe pure oxygen, set to be at higher pressures than the air we usually breathe. This is used for treating a lot of diseases and injuries, being really popular among athletes and elderly people.

In brief, getting higher levels of oxygen is proved to be extremely helpful in giving our body more energy. At the same time, oxygen being responsible for a lot of functions in our body, this therapy leads to faster healing of wounds and injuries and can also help people with relaxation and skin health.

How do these chambers look like and who creates them?

Not all hyperbaric oxygen chambers look the same. They are created differently depending on their purposes, their sizes and the place where they are going to be displayed. There are chambers that only one person can use and other that can be used by 20 or more people at the same time. They are called Monoplace and Multiplace Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chambers. Both of these have outside and inside control, but there is a huge difference in their aspect.

Monoplace Hyperbaric Chambers are, of course, smaller. They are usually horizontal spaces that can fit only one person laying down. As we said before, they can be controlled both from outside and inside. This means that, if you have your own chamber at home or in a special place, there is no need for an assistant or another person in charge with your therapy.

Multiplace Hyperbaric Chambers are bigger than the ones presented before. These are preferred by many people because they can use them with family and friends. Of course, at the same time, you do not always have to be with other people in order for a hyperbaric chamber to function. This one doesn’t need you to lay down for the therapy, instead there are seats provided inside the chamber. At the same time, controls are both inside and outside and this way you can use it with or without a specialized person next to you. The only problem that may occur with this kind of chamber is the process of transportation and installation. There sometimes may be problems with getting them inside a specific location and this is why you should always check the sizes before ordering them.

What can I control from inside a hyperbaric chamber?

Every function that is included in a hyperbaric chamber can be controlled from inside. Probably the most important button that exists is the panic button. Sometimes the levels of oxygen may not be good for some people and they can start stressing out. In this situation there is a function that takes down the pressure of the chamber and opens it. This process takes approximatively 40 seconds. This may seem a long time, but having to deal with two spaces where the air pressure is different, we need a certain time so that opening the chamber right away won’t lead to other problems.

The other controls are created for specific functions and roles of the chamber. First of all, we have to set an oxygen level. This must be discussed with a specialized person or medic before. This way we will know for sure that the therapy will not bring any harm. Another thing that people seem to like about the hyperbaric chambers is that they can control the inside temperature. Last but not least, another important feature is setting the time we want to spend inside the chamber. Knowing this, the capsule will open up after the selected period of time.

Can I use one of these chambers?

Hyperbaric chambers are designed in order to be used by anyone, no matter the age. What you need to consider is the fact that using this therapy comes with certain risks, such as every other day to day action. Also, everyone thinking of using one of these chambers MUST go visit their doctor first. High pressure pure oxygen may not be at all useful for people suffering from some diseases and having specific conditions.

Other than this, yes, you can use a hyperbaric chamber. People do not really need to be injured or ill to use HBOT. This kind of therapy is also recommended as an anti-aging “medicine”. If you think of using the chamber as a solution for a certain problem, this thing must be recommended by a specialist working in a medical system. Even if the hyperbaric chamber therapy is a non-medical practice, it is strongly tied to science and medical workers, the last mentioned being a strong ally for the hyperbaric industry.

Is there a certain place where I can try HBOT or should I buy a chamber myself?

Buying a chamber for oneself can sometimes be dangerous. In some cases, you may need certain documents or a personal worker to help you with installing the chamber and teaching you how to use it in a safe way, but you do not have to worry about all that. There are, for sure, specific cabinets or salons where you can sign up for HBOT. In this kind of places, you do not have to worry about anything as everything is taken care of by a professional worker.

In case I want a hyperbaric chamber for me or for my business where can I buy it from?

If you try a simple internet search you will see that there are multiple places from where hyperbaric chambers can be bought. Despite that, we recommend you a trustworthy source: OxyHelp – a team of reliable experts that work on innovating the hyperbaric industry by making is possible for both personal and professional use.

You can find out more about them and about what they do on their official website oxyhelp.com. Besides the about info, you can also see the products that you can order, how they function and their dimensions. More than that, you can also learn about the entire process that stands behind the therapy: how oxygen flows through our body, how can it help with wound healing and skin regeneration, as well as many other scientific facts and even studies used in order to prove this therapy helpful. For more questions, do not hesitate to contact the team.