The modern life does take toll on your health, especially if your work involves sitting all day in front of a computer. As much as we understand the importance of exercising and its health benefits, not many of us have the time to do it or many of us have the right excuses to not do it. Most of the avoidance comes from being exhausted from the job and household chores.

Despite the responsibilities of modern life, there are still people who are regular at the gym. A good advice for someone who is irregular is to start slow and have 2-3 fixed days initially. A consistent and regular exercise routine will be enough to keep your health and body on the right track. Well, the question is how often you must go to the gym?

First, you must identify your goal and prepare yourself to undergo regular physical activities. If you are aiming to have a beach body figure, you often need extra effort to visit the gym. However, if you are just maintaining weight, a few regular workouts would be enough already. It totally depends on your fitness goals.

Goal-Putting on Muscle

Resistance training 3 times a week with one reserved day for cardio of about 20-30 minutes is an excellent amount of time for beginners and intermediates. Spend 5-10 minutes warming up, 30-40 minutes for weight training and reserve another 5-10 minutes for stretching.

What is also really important is to keep your muscles and joints intact and injured-free to attain your body goals. You may combine the weight lifting with cardio or flexibility exercises for a light workout.

Having a high protein diet plays an important role in gaining muscle and learn how to do meal prep. Use muscle building supplements at ensure your dietary needs are met. If you feel tired all the time, there is a high possibility of lack of Vitamin B12 or lack of Magnesium in your diet.

Goal-Preparing yourself for a healthy lifestyle

Nowadays, people are always health conscious and manage to stay physically fit. A regular visit to the gym is always their goal to maintain their good health. If you’re aiming to have a healthy lifestyle, you can do cardio and flexibility exercises for about 30 mins to an hour.

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, they recommend doing at least three to five aerobic sessions per week. These basic exercises may involve a treadmill, jogging, or biking. Yoga and swimming are also a good choice for aerobic workouts.

Aiming for a weight loss

Almost everybody aims for weight loss. In our generation today, there are several people who are striving hard to bring back their original figure. They are even taking pills, teas, or undergoing RF dermatological treatments to reduce their fats and cellulite.

According to Dr David Hoper from BroScience, it is advisable to have 60-minute to 90-minute workout sessions for at least five to six times a week. Burning the calories and fats will be easy if you put determination and discipline to it. Moreover, you should also keep an eye with your diet to achieve desirable results.

Furthermore, having a gym instructor or joining a Zumba class may also help you to be inspired by your weight loss goal.