Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis

Like the rose, hibiscus flowers are found in various colours. Due to their natural beauty, colour and charming bell-like shape, these plants are grown in pots in houses, temples, parks and gardens.

The flowers are different shades of attractive red, white, and whitish red, yellow, or orange. White and whitish-red flowers are most useful. Its stamen comes out of the flower and quite clearly visible. This plant does not bear any fruit.

Chemical composition

The flowers contain iron, phosphorus, calcium, riboflavin, thiamin, niacin and vitamin c in small amounts. The leaves contain a small amount of carotene.

Medicinal usage

Health benefits of hibiscus rosa Sinensis

Memory power

Take equal quantities of its leave and flowers, dry them and then grind them into powder and store. Give 1 teaspoonful powder with sweet milk every morning and evening, regularly. It increases the youthfulness and memory power.

Alopecia  – baldness

  1. To cure baldness, grind the flowers in the urine of black cow and apply it on the head. It ensures the growth of hair.
  2. Grind its leaves and apply on the head. After 3 hours wash the hair. This treatment provides nourishment to hair and also gives a feeling of coolness and freshness in head.
  3. Mix equal quantities of the juice of fresh flowers and olive oil and cook on fire till only oil is left. Store this oil in a bottle. Apply this oil to the roots of the hair. It makes the hair shiny and hairs grow longer.
  4. Grind its flowers along with bhringraj flowers in sheep’s milk and store it in an iron container. After seven days, mix it in the whole plant of bhringraj. Warm the mixture and apply on the hair at night. Next day morning, wash the hair at night. It turns the hair black.


Wash and clean its root and cut it into 1-inch pieces. Chew a piece, 3- times in a day and spit the saliva.with 2 days, it heals the boils.


Give 4 flowers to eat every morning and evening for 2 years. It definitely cures vitiligo.


A decoction of its root is beneficial in a cough.

Bleeding diathesis and piles

Fry the buds in ghee and mix sugar candy and nagkeshar in it. Give this to the patient every morning and evening.

For conceiving

  1. Grind the root of white flower plant in cow’s milk and mix powder of seeds of lemon. When this is given in the menstrual cycle, it helps conceive.
  2. Give 30-50 ml decoction of its root and flowers, every morning and evening. It promotes the health of the growing foetus.


  1. Clean its 11 leaves and grind them in water and strain the solution. Mix 8 gm yavakshar and 25 gm sugar in it and give every morning and evening.
  2. Give 1 flower on the first day, 2 on second, 3 on third and 5 on the fifth day with sugar. Now start reducing the numbers for next 5 days and eat 1 flower on 10th day follow the precautions.


Grind flowers in kanji and 50 gm jaggery. Use this continuously for 3 days after menstrual cycle. It prevents conception.


1.Fry 4-5 buds in ghee and give with sugar mixed in it. Give this to the patient and also give cow’s milk. Repeat this for 7 days. It gives relief.

2.Mix equal quantities of powder of its root, lotus plant root and bark of the white small plant. Give 4-6 gm of this powder with water.

3.Fry its flowers in ghee and give with sugar powder. It also helps cure leucorrhoea.


Give the decoction of its leaves. It heals the ulcers and wounds.


Give 1 teaspoonful of powder of dried fruits with 1 cup milk every morning and evening, regularly. With few months, the blood levels improve. It also enhances the physical strength and makes the person active.


Mix equal quantities of its shade dried flowers or leaves and sugar. Give 9 gm of this mixture for 40 days, regularly. It enhances the potency and manliness.

Swelling and pain

Prepare a paste with its leaves grinded in water. Apply this paste on the swollen area. It gives relief from swelling and resulting pain.