Are you somebody who loves fresh juices, iced up cocktails and drinks? If yes, you have come to the right place. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices are not only refreshing but they also hold amazing nutritional values which aid in our health more than we can imagine. While our daily diets are filled with junk food items and carbonated drinks, why suffer physically when we have the best healthy juices around us!

If you haven’t had the chance to squeeze the freshness out of the best natural foods yet, now is the time to get started. While oranges, cucumbers, carrots and apples are famous in the world of fresh juices, let’s enlighten you by introducing another member to this family, ‘Beetroot’. Yes, Beetroot! Beetroot was mainly loved by our ancestors due to its highly nutritional leaves.

The leaves had therapeutic values which were eventually used for medicinal purposes. Recently, the studies revealed that beetroot itself has high potencies of vitamins and minerals which are perfect for our internal and external wellness.
Beetroot Juice

Why Beetroot Juice?

Beetroot belongs to the family of spinach and chard which is filled with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and fiber. When all the amazing nutrients are combined, beetroot does wonders for the person who drinks it in the form of juice. Beetroot offers vitamin C, Vitamin B6, magnesium, potassium, iron, nitric oxide, calcium, vulgaxanthin and betalains. Enough to give you an energy boost, build the stamina while detoxifying you from the inside. So why wait?

Benefits of Drinking Beetroot Juice Daily

Drinking beetroot juice once a day is ideal. While it offers your body with high amounts of vitamins and minerals on the inside, it offers much more on the outside! If you are eager to know what exactly beetroot can do for you, see below and be mesmerized.

Stop Blood Pressure Problems

If you suffer from high blood pressure issues, beetroot juice is your savior! Beetroots produce natural nitric oxide at high levels which is perfect for keeping the blood pressure low for up to 24 hours. Different researches have revealed that by consuming a single glass of beetroot juice a day had drastically decreased the systolic pressure by 5 points on average. If you consistently drink beetroot juice daily, you will witness improvements in the blood pressure, endothelial function as well as the smoothness of the arteries.

Eliminate Chances of Cancer

Beetroot has protective properties which aids as a shield against cancerous tumors and other cancer causing bacteria. If you want to stay far away from cancer, drinking beetroot juice daily is the answer.

Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is the main sign of infection or it suggests that something is wrong with the immune system. The inflammation can be accompanied by redness, swelling, pain and definitely uneasiness. The ingredient betaine in beetroot is the main nutrient which guards the cells, proteins and enzymes from any kind of harm. Hence, drinking one glass of beetroot juice daily can help you stay away from inflammation as well.

Muscle Power

Believe it or not but beetroot is great for your muscles too. If you want your muscles to stay flexible and lean, add beetroot juice to your daily diet.

Metabolic Benefits

Beetroot is known for its benefits when it comes to the boosted metabolism and an improved digestion. While it helps the body digest sooner, it helps relieve constipation as well as an upset stomach.

Energy Booster

If you seek boosts of energy within yourself, simply drink a glass of beetroot juice and wave fatigue goodbye! Beetroot juice includes the naturally occurring nitrates which ultimately turn into nitric oxide and provide the body with improved levels of energy. Many athletes and fitness trainers suggest beetroot juice fifteen minutes prior to workout sessions for a better routine.

Skin Perfection

Since beetroot has variety of minerals and vitamins, it helps the skin stay fresh, hydrated and glowing. It also helps fight the signs of aging such as wrinkles and dark spots while eliminating pigmentation and pimples for good. On top of all this, it also helps the skin stay moisturized naturally. What more could you ask for!

Natural Hair Enhancer

Beetroot is also good for your hair. While it improves the hair growth by 3 times, it also enables the hair roots to stay tight which eliminate hair breakage and hair strand dryness.

Detoxification Properties

If you are searching for a detoxifying program, start drinking beetroot juice daily for at least a month. The nutrient betalain helps remove toxic materials from our bodies, leaving our bodies fresh and filled with antioxidants.

Helps with Iron Deficiency

As beetroot has considerable amount of iron in it, it helps fight the iron deficiencies as well as anemia. Beetroot is known to recreate new red blood cells. Beetroot can even fight the monthly menstrual and the menopause problems caused by iron deficiency.

Protects from Dementia

Beetroot is perfect for the elderly as it helps prevent dementia. Dementia can cause the cognitive functions to act up while causing memory issues, etc. By giving beetroot juice to the dementia patients or the elderly, you can get rid of the symptoms very soon.

Better Sexual Performance

Beetroot is known to boost the energy levels while providing the body with higher doses of oxygen. In the ancient times, beetroot was used instead of Viagra. Drink your beetroot juice and see the difference.
While these were the top 10 reasons why everyone should drink beetroot juice daily, let’s take a look at how and when we can consume it, below:

  • Simply wash the beetroot thoroughly
  • Cut the beetroot into small pieces
  • Put the pieces in a blender, add some water, pinch of salt and a pinch of sugar and blend well.
  • Pour it out in a glass and drink away!

Ditch the high end beauty products for hair and skin and ditch all medicines as beetroot can solve all your troubles effortlessly. Simply drink one glass of beetroot juice a day and feel the difference.

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