Skin Care

Some people think that simply washing their face will keep skin healthy year-round. However, unfortunately this is not the case. In fact, you need to update your skincare routine frequently to take the best care of your skin. With the changing of the seasons comes completely different weather conditions.

These different weather conditions can create different issues for your skin. It is best to work on a skin care regime that takes these varying weather conditions into account so that your skin looks incredible no matter what time of year it is!

Glowing Skin in Spring

Spring is a season of change. The harsh climate of the winter is thawing and with it, a bright new season will emerge. You will absolutely want stunning and glowing skin to match the season. Now is a really great time to visit your dermatologist or facialist to get a face scrub or peel. Getting a beauty treatment done will help to remove all of the dead skin and open up your clogged pores that have been suffering all winter. Ask your face care professional what treatment they would recommend to brighten your complexion.

A hot trend that you might also want to explore is face serums. The Huffington Post explains why everyone is so obsessed with face serums these days, “Face serums are lightweight moisturizers that penetrate deeper to deliver active ingredients into your skin.” Spring is a great time to moisturize your skin with a serum to help lock in the moisture without using a heavyweight moisturizer like you would in the winter.

Dewy Skin in Summer

The absolutely most important thing to remember is that sunscreen is your best friend in the summer. The sun’s harsh rays can be pretty damaging to the sensitive skin on your face. Getting a good facial sunscreen is really important to keeping your skin looking great.
Some people think you can just use whatever sunscreen you have sitting around the house on your face, but it’s simply not true. Luckily more and more skin products are coming fully packed with SPF so you don’t even need to buy a separate sunscreen. To be honest, incorporating SPF into your everyday skincare regimen is a pretty good idea no matter what season it is. You can risk sun damage even if it’s cloudy out, so using a little SPF year round is the best plan.

Bright Skin in Fall

Bright SkinThe fall is a much calmer season, and it gives your skin a nice break between the sunny summer and harsh winter. Take advantage of this time and begin preparing your skin for the winter with specialty face masks. Depending on your skin type and your particular problems (think dry patches or acne) you can select a mask type that will work best for you. There are all different formulations too, even snail slime! Don’t worry, there are also some more normal mask formulations like green tea and pomegranate.

Recently, skincare companies are starting to catch on to just how many people love using face masks to keep their skin looking great. These companies have begun selling extremely unique face masks in single use packs or packages of multiple masks. Some of these mask companies have taken the luxury up a notch by including specially selected face serums that complement the masks and give you even nicer results. A quick online search will reveal a huge variety of masks you can purchase to use at home to get incredible skin this fall.

Moisturized Skin in Winter

Skin CareMost of us find our skin becoming dull and dried out when facing the harsh winter weather. With bitter temperatures and whipping winds, our skin regularly has to face some pretty intense condition during the winter. That means you need to take special care of your skin to keep it from drying out.Each person will need a different moisturizer formulation depending on his or her skin type.

Since it’s winter, you will probably need a pretty heavy-duty lip moisturizer or lip balm as well. There are a lot of incredible balms you can use too, some even have essential oils and super moisturizing ingredients. If you want to boost the impact of your lip moisturizer, you are probably going to want to get a lip exfoliator as well. One genius company combined the exfoliating power and moisturizing abilities in one product, as Marie Claire revealed, “Tarte got the genius idea to combine a balm and a scrub in one mess-free pencil.” This winter, keep your lips from getting chapped with a soft scrub and high-quality balm.

Amazing Skin for Every Season

Glowing SkinEvery season is different, and your skincare routine should change to match the weather. It’s important to keep your skin moist, clean, and healthy year-round. Consulting your dermatologist is the best way to figure out the most effective ways to get incredible skin every day of the year. And remember no matter what the weather or which skin care regime you’re currently using, don’t forget to keep your teeth a brilliant shade of white. A bright smile is always essential in every season!