Condurango: Uses and Health Benefits

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The Condurango is a medicinal plant native to South America. It is produced in Ecuador and Peru. The scientific name of this herb is Marsdenia condurango.

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The Condurango belongs to the plant family Asclepiadaceae. This herb grows as a vine, with villi, opposite leaves heart-shaped oval and many flowers axillary yellow-green, small. The fruits are follicles.

Is used for medicinal bark and fruits of this plant. Among its medicinal properties is found that the Condurango is: healing in gastric ulcers and digestive system.

This herb is composed of: calotropina, vicentóxidos, vusetoxina, kendurina. Glucoside has been found, the condurangina. Most active substances are glycosides.

The root bark and stem is recommended as a digestive, carminative, tonic, soothing the stomach.

Recipes for this medicinal plant

Infusion is an infusion prepared with 30 gr. Marsdenia condurango per liter of water. It should take 3 wells per day before meals. For its bitter taste stimulates stomach secretions and acts as an appetizer, for this purpose can also be taken as a tincture or wine.

Tincture: 200 d.c. alcohol of 60 º and 20 g of seeds Condurango. It should take ½ teaspoon diluted in warm water before each meal.

Wine: 900 d.c. sweet wine and 1000 d.c. tincture of this herb. A glass before each meal.

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