The Condurango is a medicinal plant native to South America. It is produced in Ecuador and Peru. The scientific name of this herb is Marsdenia condurango.

The Condurango belongs to the plant family Asclepiadaceae. This herb grows as a vine, with villi, opposite leaves heart-shaped oval and many flowers axillary yellow-green, small. The fruits are follicles.

Is used for medicinal bark and fruits of this plant. Among its medicinal properties is found that the Condurango is: healing in gastric ulcers and digestive system.

This herb is composed of: calotropina, vicentóxidos, vusetoxina, kendurina. Glucoside has been found, the condurangina. Most active substances are glycosides.

The root bark and stem is recommended as a digestive, carminative, tonic, soothing the stomach.

Recipes for this medicinal plant

Infusion is an infusion prepared with 30 gr. Marsdenia condurango per liter of water. It should take 3 wells per day before meals. For its bitter taste stimulates stomach secretions and acts as an appetizer, for this purpose can also be taken as a tincture or wine.

Tincture: 200 d.c. alcohol of 60 º and 20 g of seeds Condurango. It should take ½ teaspoon diluted in warm water before each meal.

Wine: 900 d.c. sweet wine and 1000 d.c. tincture of this herb. A glass before each meal.