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Cold Weather? No Problem for a Beach Workout!

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It is easy to workout outdoors during the warm season, but when the cold season comes most people discontinue their workout plan. That said, you truly can maintain your workout regime, even in the cold weather.

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Contrary to many people’s beliefs and fears, the beach is one of the best places to exercise during the cold weather seasons. If you have not tried it, you just need to get the right workout clothing and equipment.

The beach is deserted during cold weather; hence, you enjoy exercising in fresh air and a less crowded space. You can alternate between wet and dry workouts, as well as aerobic and anaerobic workouts. Either as base layers or even on their own, men should wear compression shorts and women need comfortable, supportive workout bras.

Watermen compression shorts are better than the standard men’s compression shorts because they dry quickly and prevent rashes, allowing you to work out for long periods both in water and on land.

Then you put on your warmer outerwear like sweatpants, hoodies and wool socks after your workout. Here are some additional tips on cold weather beach workouts, whether you live near the ocean, a lake or even a river.

1. Try your Gear Indoors

The right pair of compression shorts for men and a two-piece top for women are crucial for these workouts to be effective and even enjoyable. Well-fitting and comfortable gear is necessary to avoid too much rubbing between your skin and the neoprene or rubber. Human bodies are incredible vehicles. It can quickly warmup a thin layer of clothing, and even keep you warm when swimming in cold water.

But you need to make sure to check the fit of your gear indoors first before you head out to the beach, especially your base layers like men’s compression shorts, women’s performance tops, and quick-dry shirts. Test the fit around your neck, arm pits, hips and thighs as you swim in an indoor pool and even as you run while wet.

2. Warm up Before Swimming

You should definitely warmup your muscles first before jumping into the cold water, which can give a little shock to your body at first. Without a proper warmup, you’re at a higher risk for cramping and even injury.

Ensure that you stretch all the body’s various muscle groups, especially the arms, back, abs, and leg muscles. You can also try warming up with other dryland aerobic exercises like jogging to prepare your body, breathing and heart rate. A few minutes of jogging up and down the beach might be all you need to warm up.

3. Check the Water Temperature

One of the biggest concerns when swimming outdoors during the cold weather is the high risk of hypothermia. Nothing else but to check the temperature of the water, since we’ve already covered plenty of tips to stay warm and comfortable, including the base layers to wear compression shorts and performance bras. The right temperature is different for everyone. The general rule of safety is to swim in waters above 50 degrees.

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Yet, some people can only bear temperatures above 60 degrees. You are safe with temperatures between 50 and 60 degrees, but since extreme discomfort can hinder anyone’s training it is recommended to test your tolerance in an indoor pool first.

The beach is a fun and stimulating place to exercise, even in the cold seasons. We highly suggest that you try it, but always wear the appropriate workout gear. Remember you need to stay comfortable while exercising, so it’s crucial to use well-fitting and quick-drying base layers such as performance bras and Watermen compression shorts.

And always start your workout with a warm-up routine. Finally, to enhance the friendly competition and fun, invite a partner to go with you or even join a swimming group.

Beach Workout
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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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