Chemical Poisoning

Someone felt frustrated because nothing seemed to be working in her favour. Her marriage had just ended in a messy way; her job was being threatened, her kids have been taken from her, and now her house is about to be seized too.

People say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, but this lady wasn’t getting any stronger neither had she died. When it comes to the topic of tough times, we never know how we will pull through unless we find ourselves in such situations.

This lady felt the need to end it but not without taking the life of the one person that had put her in so much misery. No one else, but her ex-husband.

In the next few days after she had decided on how to escape her pain, she plotted on how to execute the murder of her ex-husband without using a gun. She found a poison that had no smell and no colour, and then a light bulb came on, she had an idea on how to take him out.

Visiting her ex-husband’s favourite bar, this lady was able to pay a bar attended to swap her erstwhile husband’s gin with a glass of the poison while she stood at a distance and watched.

Once she was sure he had had too many drinks, and the bar attendant had swapped a glass of gin with that of the poison, and the ex-husband had gulped it down hurriedly before he realised it tasted different, she ran off.

Later that evening, she was found lifeless in her home after drinking a cup of the same poison.

Chemical Poisoning

Hi there, this story you just read talks about chemical poisoning. In previous posts, we talked about an introduction to poisoning, the famous food poisoning, alcohol poisoning, and also gas poisoning.

In this work, we will be discussing one of the most common forms of poisoning which is called swallowed poisoning.

There have been cases of children putting a plant in their mouth and getting a burn around their lips or ending up in the emergency room. This poisoning is as a result of a poisonous chemical contained in the plant

What is chemical poisoning?

Any chemical or toxic substance that is swallowed into the body or comes in contact with the body and will cause potential damage or death to a person is a chemical poison.

Sources of chemicals used in chemical poisoning include household or beauty products, plants, insecticides, industrial chemicals, agricultural chemicals, and Insect or animal venom. When a person falls prey to chemical poisoning, it is essential to identify the chemical responsible for ascertaining the right treatment method to use.

Some famous people who died from chemical poisoning

Alan Turning

Alan Turning was one of the world’s biggest brains who was instrumental in ending the second world war and also invented the modern computer as we know it.

The life of the genius man was one of gaining one achievement or another but the little flaw he had in his society at that time was his sexuality. Alan Turning was homosexual, and he was terrible at keeping it secret despite knowing that it was against the law of the UK.

However, Alan Turning got into a relationship with a younger male who burgled his apartment eventually. Turning made a police report on the incident and his sexual orientation was discovered in the process of the investigation.

Turning was arrested for gross indecency, but he managed to escape going to prison.  However, Alan Turning was made to use estrogen pills which made him feel frustrated and ended his life by lacing an apple with a chemical called Cyanide and eating it.


This last queen of Egypt was the beautiful Cleopatra who was also a lover to the Roman leader Julius Caesar. This queen was known to be fierce and ambitious because of how she grew up to become co-ruler with her brother, how she was able to become queen of Egypt with Caesar’s help, and most especially how she began a relationship with Antony and loyal friend of Caesar’s after his death.

However, After Cleopatra and Antony were defeated by Emperor Augustus in a battle, they both committed suicide by poisoning themselves. Cleopatra died from an asp’s bite which was her way of poisoning herself.

Ibn al-Khattab

Ibn al-Khattab was a very famous Saudi Arabian born leader of both the first and second Chechen wars. Nobody knew anything about where he indeed came from until after his demise in the year 2002. Ibn al-Khattab was allegedly murdered by the Russian security service using a poisoned letter that was delivered to him through courier service.

Eva Braun Hitler

Eva was Hitler’s wife for only a few hours before her death, but she had known him since she was 17yrs old and started dating him when she was 19yrs old.

Eva knew everything about Hitler and was a part of this inner circle though she never went out with him to public functions except when her sister got married. Right before Hitler was shot, He had already bit into cyanide capsules with the love of his life. Eva Braun Hitler died from suicide by consuming cyanide.

Symptoms of chemical poisoning

Common symptoms of chemical poisoning include

  1. Burns on the lips
  2. Serious throat pain
  3. Vomiting and nausea
  4. Dizziness
  5. Slurred speech
  6. Convulsion and unconsciousness in exceptionally severe cases
  7. Strange behaviour and difficulty breathing
  8. Stomach cramps and burning that is usually very severe and unexplainable

How to treat chemical poisoning?

The first thing to do when you suspect chemical poisoning is to call a hospital or an ambulance for help. You should, however, request a poison helpline if you have access to reaching one.

This is the final post in the poisoning series; we hope you have learnt a thing or two on how to handle various forms of poisoning. Remember that not all cases of poisoning can be treated at home and it is advisable to take a victim to a hospital for professional help as a little delay could be dangerous.