Career progression is important in nursing, and you will always want to be taking steps towards the next step in your career. The difficulty is that it is not always clear how to go about doing this, plus nursing is a role that can be demanding, so you do not always have the time and energy to think about what you can be doing to take the next step. With this in mind, this post will look at a few of the best steps to take that will hopefully help you to reach the next level in your career and help you to become a better nurse.

Speak With Your Boss

As with any line of work, the best step to take initially is to speak to your boss. You should let them know that you want to take the next step so that they can advise you and show you what needs to be done to reach this step. In addition to this, alerting your boss that you want to progress will also show that you are aspirational and could look to move away if you do not progress internally.

Go Above & Beyond

To reach the next step in your career, you want to become the best nurse that you can be and an invaluable asset to the healthcare facility. This means that you need to go above and beyond in your work, which can include spending time with patients after your shift has ended, supporting your fellow nurses, attending industry events, and carrying out research.

Earn Extra Qualifications

You may also need to earn extra qualifications in order to take the next step. For aspiring family nurse practitioners (FNPs), you can take the Spalding University FNP program that will teach you everything that you need to know to excel in this role and find work in a variety of primary care settings. When you earn a qualification from a respected school like this, it will put you in a strong position and help you to boost your career.

Rely On Your Network

Having a large professional network can be immensely helpful when looking to advance your career, and this is why you should be networking throughout your career. Having a large professional network can open up new opportunities, help you to build a positive reputation, and allow you to get your name out there. Do not shy away from asking around and use social media as a way to keep up to date with your network. 

This post should give you a few ideas and hopefully encourage you to take positive steps to reach the next level in your nursing career. When you work in a field as demanding as nursing, you often find that it can be hard to know what you should be doing to reach the next level in your career. These are a few of the best methods that should help you to get noticed and reach the next level.