apps During Pregnancy

There are a lot of apps women can use during pregnancy, ranging from symptom trackers to appointment reminder apps, and many more.

Following a study, pregnant women primarily make use of such apps to access pregnancy health and fetal growth information. Nonetheless, many apps possess different other features.

Kindly read further to know more about some popular pregnancy apps for Android and iPhone.

Pregnancy Tracker

The inventors of the Pregnancy Tracker app hoped for the app to be a comprehensive tool for pregnant women. A few of the features include a pregnancy newsfeed, exercise & nutrition tips, and a day-to-day maternity schedule. The app also has a delivery plan inventory, a contraction timer, and a baby names finder.

The instant the baby is born, the app will transform into a customary parenting manual. Pregnancy Tracker app is available on both iPhone and Android devices.

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

The Ovia Pregnancy Tracker app has a calendar that helps track important dates & landmarks, numerous pregnancy articles, and some baby name recommendations. There are a few other exceptional features, including a newborn hand and foot sizes feature, so that parents-to-be can see their baby’s foot is in the womb.

There is also a baby size comparison feature based on numerous themes, like fruits, animals, and even Parisian pastries. The app also provides several vital trackers, including those for sleep, moods, medications, and exercise. The Ovia Pregnancy Tracker app is available on both Android and iPhone devices.

The Bump — Pregnancy Countdown

The Bump — Pregnancy Countdown is a detailed pregnancy app. Its features include day-to-day pregnancy-related articles, an interactive daily development chart, a pregnancy prenatal visit directory, and a registry that trails numerous websites.

Pregnant women who make use of this app enjoy the bump-and-baby images section, where they can develop an album that follows their growing belly photos. The app is available on both Android and iPhone devices.

Sprout Pregnancy

Sprout Pregnancy is a former “Time magazine top 50 apps of the year.” Pregnant women who use this app enjoy the doctor-authored articles, inventories, and pregnancy counters. There are also tons of helpful tools that include a weight tracker, pregnancy journal, kick counter, and contraction timer.

 A lot of users also enjoy the “Next Generation Interaction” section, where the app creates a sample perspective as to what the baby looks like in utero. This unique virtual view explains how the baby is moving and how quickly their heart is beating. Sprout Pregnancy is available on Android and iPhone devices.

Totally Pregnant

Totally Pregnant offers online prenatal and birthing lessons. The app also features video blogs from other pregnant women worldwide, an online chatting community, and an online baby registry. Individuals can also include pictures of scans and bump photos to their in-app photo album.

Totally Pregnant is compatible with Android and iPhone devices.

Daddy Up

Daddy Up can assist new fathers in understanding more about pregnancy and enable them to discover the means of helping their wife during the nine months of pregnancy. The app features clear and readable content. There is also an inventory feature, a glossary on pregnancy terms, and the ability to track weekly updates on the baby’s size.

Daddy Up is available on the app store and play store.

Baby2Body: Pregnancy Wellness

This app is designed to help pregnant women stay healthy and strong. Its features include personalized workout plans, which are based on the stage of pregnancy. Individuals can also discover a section on consciousness practice, which entails a guided meditation for relaxation.

Recipes for healthy baby-friendly snacks and meals are also available.

The app is available for iPhone devices, and if you don’t use an iPhone, you can get a similar app compatible with the Android device. Women who are expecting a baby can find apps like” Pregnancy Exercises” very helpful.

Music for Pregnancy Relaxation

This app features calming music that helps women relax and excite their babies during pregnancy. Pregnant women can listen to music while meditating or when they feel like taking a break and appreciate the baby’s movements.

The same way the baby can hear a parent’s voice and heartbeat in the womb, they can also listen to this music. This app is only available for Android, but iPhone users can download a similar app like Pregnancy Relax Music app.

Birth Made Easy – Hypnobirthing

This app is a product of hypnotherapist Paola Bagnall, who developed it to assist women in achieving relaxation during pregnancy and delivery.

The app’s features include free relaxation and visualization guides, and pregnant women can acquire other recordings specific to their delivery type. This app is available only for iPhone devices. However, you can get similar apps such as Hypnobirthing– Calm Pregnancy & Childbirth on your Android device.

Making use of these pregnancy apps can provide comfort during pregnancy, regardless of it being your first or fifth time. Most pregnancy apps are free and comprise a diversity of information as well as trackers that can help both partners.

However, if a woman has a pregnancy-related health problem or question, it is best to talk with your doctor or midwife directly.