baby daddy

News like “Honey, I’m 3-weeks pregnant” from women always meet different reactions from their man. You can tell how happy a man is with the way he receives this news from his wife or partner.

A man who is ready for a child would always welcome the idea of his significant other carrying his child, but have you considered how many men are actually prepared to become fathers? How many men out there know what it takes to play daddy even before his child is born?

It might be interesting to note that fatherhood doesn’t necessarily start when a child is born. It is essential that a man plays his fatherly roles as soon as his child is being conceived. Men can build a stronger bond with their children if they develop a habit of caring for them as soon as conception takes place.

How is that possible you’d ask? Here are some mobile applications that are very helpful in monitoring your child’s growth.

1. Who’s Your Daddy

For men are becoming fathers for the first time, this app is highly recommended as it provides step by step guide on what best to do at the right time during pregnancy. It updates you on how many days left to expect your child and also gives you tips on what to expect from your spouse during this period.

Its features allow you to plan doctors appointments, plan events, pick baby names, necessary things the baby supply bag should contain and a lot more.  The app notifies you of the baby’s daily development in the womb and gives a mental image of how big your child is.

2. PregApp

This application is exceptionally unique as it provides a 3D representation of what your baby should look like during pregnancy. It has over 500,000 downloads already and still counting, and users are testifying to how fantastic the app has improved bonding with their kids.

3. Being Dad

If you are in search of an app that explains everything you need but in a straightforward way, then search no more because this is what you need.

“Being Dad” gives you all the information need, from tracking your baby’s growth to daily inspirational “Soon to be dad” quotes, and how to care for your woman during pregnancy.
It merely shows you simple ways of “Being a Dad.”

4. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

Having this application on your mobile device provides you with features which include weekly updates on the growth of your child, allows you keep notes on your baby’s development, tutorial videos on what to expect, inform you on ways to best help your partner during pregnancy and lots more.

It also exposes you to a community of people where you can freely ask questions and also share ideas. I’m definitely getting this on my phone when it’s time to be a daddy.

Men have vital roles to play in monitoring the growth of their babies during pregnancy, but they also need to acknowledge the presence of their spouse first. The woman carrying the baby also requires a significant amount of attention if you want your baby healthy.

1. Fruits

Mothers need constant consumption of fruits in their body. Asides the fact that they not only eat for themselves but also for the baby or babies, fruits are vital to both mother and child.  You could develop the habit of getting her some on your way from work.

Bananas, apples, watermelon are typical examples of fruits that are highly nutritious. I’m sure your unborn child would love the vitamins.

2. Massages

Expecting mothers require massage from time to time as the weight of the baby could cause pain in the body. Feet rubs, back massages, focusing on the waist region could be doing your spouse a lot of good.

3. Exercises

When a woman is pregnant, she could get tired quickly and lose motivation to stay in perfect shape. Simple evening walks could be all the support she needs.  Find the time to exercise with your woman and watch how she becomes lively during pregnancy. It not only improved her physical appearance, but it also enhances her mental health and your child also benefits from it. What are you waiting for? Get those sneakers ready.

4. Communication

Finding the time to communicate with your woman about your expectations from the child has been known to tremendously boost a woman’s mood and improve the level of connection between you and your spouse. Communication with your woman allows for free flow of ideas between you and your partner, especially on how best to raise the child or children.

5. Rest

It is easy for a woman with child to become easily tired, so providing an avenue for your pregnant partner to get enough rest helps her retain enough energy to through the baby’s delivery with a minimal amount of complications. Your spouse needs all the help with domestic chores and other extra activities around the house.

Being a dad isn’t as tricky as it sounds, however, not doing anything when your child is conceived doesn’t make it easy either. Endeavor to play your fatherly role, invest your time and energy in building something great even before your child is born, and watch your child grow to become the best version of you.