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Do Antioxidants Help you Lose Weight?

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Most people have struggled with their weight, gaining and losing the same amount.  If the weight gained by a person is a lot, then it inevitably leads to serious health issues and high insurance premiums.

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There are quite a few theories around weight loss as well as diets – the only way to get results and keep weight off is to take in fewer calories than what one can burn off.  There are quite a few effective methods for losing the points – restricting calories through smaller portions of food and doing different exercises to burn calories.

Long term weight loss can only happen gradually and nutrition is an important part of the program.
Fruits, vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, nuts, legumes and seeds eaten in moderation help to provide the body with nutrition. Many of these foods contain antioxidants which play a vital role in helping various organs function optimally.

Scientists are still working on establishing a direct link between antioxidants and weight loss. One key factor which plays a role in weight loss is to eat high fiber foods. Check out the Acai plus extreme slimming pills.

What are antioxidants?

Antioxidants can be described as substances that have the ability to neutralize free radicals in the body and protect cells from getting damaged.  Free radicals are chemicals that occur naturally in the body and are a byproduct of calories which are converted to energy.  They are also found in a number of external sources in the environment like air and water.

Some antioxidants are produced naturally by the body and others can be obtained from food sources. Antioxidants include Vitamins C and E and carotenoids which are found in all the colorful vegetables.

Sources of antioxidants

Antioxidants are found in a variety of fruits and vegetables and more so in the bright and colorful ones like tomatoes, blueberries, carrots, spinach, kale and a whole host of other fruits and vegetables.

Quite a few studies have been done on the effects of antioxidants and their benefits – they reduce signs of aging, prevent sun damage to skin and are also believed to stave off degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease, improve cognitive function, strengthen the immune system, improve eyesight and so on. Thus, the Acai plus extremepills.

Different antioxidants work to improve function of specific organs, making it important to eat a variety of foods.  It is better if the foods are organic and according to the USDA food chart, having a varied diet with at least 5 servings of fruit and vegetables will ensure that the body gets as many nutrients as possible.

Exercise plays an important role as well – the body is able to absorb nutrients better due to increased caloric needs.  It is very important for people to pay attention to their diet and eat in moderation. The occasional indulgence in favorite foods works well for most people as long as they have a sensible diet.

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Problems with weight gain and other health issues occur when people end up eating the wrong foods and too much of anything.  Given the mind boggling variety, it can be hard to stay at a healthy weight – it is doable and necessary for long term health.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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