Hair Extensions

Sometimes you want a new look for your hair without the patience and time required to grow out long, luxurious locks. After all, if a celebrity can go from short hair to long in record time, shouldn’t you be able to do the same? You’re right – you should!

The way that celebrities and other people are able to do this is by using hair extensions. Not just any hair extensions will work, because using them wrong can cause pretty severe damage your hair. This is primarily when it comes time to remove them.

Not only will the wrong types of locks cause physical pain and suffering, but it will also cause financial strain. The financial strain is due to the fact that if the physical damage is bad enough, then you will have to seek help from a hair salon to repair it.

Styling Benefits of Long, Shiny, Healthy Hair Overnight

Brazilian hair extensions have been neither processed nor treated. Once a stylist attaches them to your hair, you can get any number of treatments done to it, just like you would your own hair. Some of these treatments include:

  • cutting
  • styling
  • washing
  • conditioning
  • coloring
  • straightening
  • perming

Unlike the hair on your head, the cuticles in Brazilian hair extensions are unidirectional. This means they all face the same direction, which cuts down on the amount of tangles, frizzing, abrading, and split ends you will get.

Brazilian Hair Extension FAQ – What’s Right for You?

The most invasive part of getting hair extensions is the time it takes for a stylist to attach the pieces to your regular hair. The extensions are only about a quarter inch in width, and attach to your hair using tiny rubber bands that match your hair color.

There are other styles, however, including a pinch braid technique, using keratin glue to secure the hair, and the Brazilian knot technique. The latter causes less stress on your hair because although it lasts half the time, it pulls less than other techniques.

If you get your new long, luxurious hair adjusted regularly, then it can last up to six to twelve months for European textures. African textures will depend o the speed at which the hair grows and the amount of retouching that needs to take place.

What if I Change My Mind?

Brazilian hair extensions can be taken out at any time. However you should have a licensed stylist do the work. This is where the process gets tricky, especially if you used the glue method or used tiny elastic bands that hold the hair in place.

You see, taking the extensions out too quickly or with too much force can rip your natural hair. This can cause split ends and other damages. That’s why it’s best to visit a stylist who you know has experience in removing these types of extensions properly.

Although Brazilian hair extensions are time-consuming to obtain, the results are worth it, especially if you cannot wait or do not have the time to grow out your hair, such as for a wedding, graduation, prom, or other special event.

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