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pegan diet

Pegan Diet: What to Eat? What to Avoid? And Benefits

The pegan diet is one that will get you confused if you decide to take it for its name. However, it is simply a style of eating that was inspired by two of the...
Flexitarian Diet

The Flexitarian Diet: a Beginner’s Guide

A flexitarian is a person whose food comprise mostly of plant-based foods, but allows the eating of meat and animal products in moderate form.This means, flexitarian is more flexible than a vegan or vegetarian...
First Date Mistakes

10 Romantic Vegan Dinner Ideas for Proposal Night

When it comes to the proposal night dinner, it is hard to think ‘vegan’ and ‘romantic’ can exist in the same sentence. You need to think again. Romantic dinner ideas shouldn't always be meat-based...
Vegan Dining

A Field Guide to Vegan Dining

Vegan Diet – this might be the new fancy word around town both on the tongues of fitness freaks and gym-goers. But, this diet has significant importance, one you may not ignore so easily. So,...
Vegan Beauty Products

Pros of Vegan Beauty Products

For you to understand the pros of vegan beauty products, the first and most important thing is for you to learn the difference between cruelty-free goods and vegan goods.A lot of people often mistake...
Mashed avocados

9 Amazing Egg Substitute for Vegans

Eggs so important not only because they are nutritious but because they always find their way into some of our favourite recipes.It is so amazing how you would barely notice an egg when it...

The Best Vegetarian Options to Have at Dinner Time to Lose Weight Effectively

There are times when you have stuck to your diet for the most part of your day but as soon as the sun sets, you somehow give in to your cravings. It happens to...
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