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8 Best Recipe Apps for Vegans

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Being a vegan can be challenging. The world is built for meat-eaters, and eating out often isn’t an option. That said, it can be hard to keep it fresh at home. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut of eating the same food over and over again.

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Like your love life, your food life benefits from occasional experimentation and new ideas. Fortunately, technology, as always, is here to make your life just a little easier. Here are eight great (cheap or free) vegan recipe apps for Android and iOS to help you decide what’s for dinner.

21-day Vegan Kickstart Free / iOS

New to veganism? Not sure where to start? The 21-Day Vegan kickstart helps ease you into the lifestyle by providing a comprehensive meal plan (with recipes) to get you through the first three weeks of your new vegan life.

By the time you reach the end, your stomach will have adapted to vegan food, and you’ll have more than sixty recipes at your disposal (with personal experience on which ones you like best), setting you off on the right foot.

Vegan Delish $2.99 / iOS

One of the highest-rated recipe apps for the iPhone, Vegan Delish provides a good all-in-one package for finding vegan recipes.

The app features hundreds of recipes made from common ingredients, and allows the user to select the portion size (and have the recipe automatically update to match). The app provides reviews of each recipe, and allows the user to sort by both keyword and category.

I’m Hungry: Vegetarian Recipes Free / Android

For vegans interested in cultural exploration, I’m Hungry is a great app for finding vegan food from a variety of cuisines. The app has hundreds of vegan recipes from around the world, and allows you to sort by cuisine. For the adventurous vegan, you can’t do better than I’m Hungry.

Bible of Vegan Recipes $2.99 / Android

The Bible is a health-focused vegan recipe and lifestyle app that allows vegans to explore the nutritional value of their meals in an informed, healthy way. It also support meal-planning, and has more than three hundred healthy recipes.

VeganWeb Vegan Recipe Finder $2.99 / iOS

Replete with more than 13,000 recipes, the VeganWeb Vegan Recipe Finder is one of the broadest vegan recipe apps out there, and more recipes are added to the database every day.

The app’s interface is simple and usable, and it provides a number of handy features (like, for example, the ability to browse the highest-rated recipes, and to tag ingredients to add them to personalized shopping lists).

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Dr. McDougall Mobile Cookbook $4.99 / iOS

A health-focused app for vegans, the mobile cookbook provides about nine hundred recipes hand-picked for your health The cookbook is searchable by category, making it handy if you have other dietary restrictions to maintain. For the health-conscious vegan, the mobile cookbook is a must-have.

Animal Free Free / iOS / Android

For people who dislike following prescribed recipes, Animal Free helps them make smart vegan purchasing choices. The app is full of information on hundreds of plant and animal ingredients, as well as helpful info about which innocuous products might be concealing secret animal products, and how to tell.

Happy Cow VeginOut Free / Android

Happy Cow is a vegan lifestyle app that helps users find vegan stores and restaurants in their areas, and allows the user to search by ingredient. While this isn’t exactly a recipe app, it can help to augment the usefulness of the other recipe apps in this list, especially for those new to veganism, or long-time vegans who have moved to a new area.

Author Bio:

Judy Long is a professional is a professional blogger that shares advice on healthy cooking for your family. She writes for RecipeChart.com, where you can find a large selection of delicious recipes.

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