Improving health takes time, commitment, and a few life changes. Motivation is one of the biggest mental obstacles that stands in your way. At first, many people are enthusiastic about working toward a better lifestyle. However, the problem lies in keeping that energy up.

Having another reason to get healthy encourages you to stay on track. A great way to do it is by going green. Your physical health will improve, and you can stay motivated knowing that you are helping the planet.

What can you do to get healthy by going green this year?

Decrease Dependence on Electronic Devices

Connect Electric understands how much the average person relies on electronic devices these days. We know, we love them, too! However, try to cut down on usage at home.

This is especially true for entertainment devices that encourage a sedentary lifestyle.

Instead of watching a few hours of television, spend at least half of that time taking a walk or playing a sport. Switch out some or all your electric device time for physical activities that you enjoy. Lower electricity consumption is good for the environment and moving around is good for your body.

Include Quantities on Your Grocery List

Don’t wing it with a vague grocery list (or worse – no list at all). Instead, plan out your meals down to the specific quantity you will eat. Overbuying food leads to waste, which isn’t good for the planet. It also encourages overeating, which can lead to obesity.

Plan out your meals and measure portions so you know exactly how much you need. Only buy these quantities. You may also find that this is a great way to save money each week.

Use Renewable Energy to Power Your Home

Renewable energy like solar is good for your health. It is clean and doesn’t pollute the environment. That means the air and water in your neighborhood will have fewer pollutants, the same pollutants that can cause medical conditions like respiratory disease and cancer.

Travel on Foot Instead of Driving

Travel on foot or by bicycle as much as you can. Fewer miles driven means fewer emissions released into the environment. Walking and cycling are excellent cardio exercises. It gets your heart and lungs working, strengthen muscles, and builds stamina.

Grow Your Own Food at Home

The closer to its original source a food item is, the healthier it is to eat. Start an edible garden at home. There are many great ideas for people with limited outdoor space. The more you grow at home, the less reliant you will be on companies that produce high quantities of emissions and waste through production and distribution.

Visit Your Local Farmer’s Market

Another way to get healthy food is at your local farmer’s market. The products you buy are locally sourced and are often organic. It’s good for your diet and gives you another reason to enjoy a walk in the fresh air.

Plant Flowers to Save the Bees

The bees are essential to the survival of the natural environment. Support their efforts by planting a bee garden. Pollinators love untamed green spaces with lots of flowers. Working outdoors is another way to get exercise and vitamin D-rich sunshine.

A few small changes can have a powerful impact on your health and the environment. Get started today so you and the planet can enjoy a long, healthy future!