Attract Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are perhaps the first known deadly killers in many parts of the world especially Africa and other developing world. It constitutes the worst threat to humanity if research conducted is anything to go by. It is dangerous because it is the carriers of deadly malaria.

When they bite, the send the germs straight to your bloodstream where it will begin to cause havoc within a short time. It has no respect for the elders, and the young. Research has shown that it does not go after all categories of people. In short, you have those traits that attract those insects before it can move after you.

There could be instances where two people are seated in a room and it will leave one person and descend on the other. It is important to know why such a situation is possible. It simply shows that one person has those things that can attract mosquito while the other person does not have such a characteristic.

The person it bites will definitely complain of the mosquito bite, but the other person will not be complaining. Here are the reasons that such thing is possible.

Five kinds of people who can attract mosquito easily

Attract Mosquitoes

In order to know the reasons why such is possible. It is important to know those people that can attract mosquito and you can ask yourself whether you belong to any of the categories.

Those people who often put bright color attire

If you often bright color dresses, then you are a target of mosquito attack. The reason has to do with the nature of mosquito. The insect is known to be visual and because of that. It is easily attracted by bright colors.

The only way out of this problem is that you have to avoid wearing those white and red colors when you reside in areas infested by the insect. It is advisable to wear outfits that will not make you attractive to the animal.

Type O blood group

This is another set of people that can be targeted by a mosquito. The result of this emanated from a research conducted by professional bodies like Institute of Pest Control Technology in Chiba, Japan. The research indicated that this insect finds it easy to attack people with this blood group and not those with blood type A.

Evidence has equally shown that they can hardly bite people of Blood A category. In the same way, it has little or no interest in people of group B blood category. If you belong to group O, you know that the insect is after you to feed on your blood.

Fat people

Furthermore, the insect can feed on fat people. Fat people are targeted because they release more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and this can attract the insect. Even if it is 160 feet away, it can always sense carbon dioxide. If you are fat, then you should know that you are a likely target of a mosquito bite.

People with plenty of heat

Moreover, those people that emit a lot of heat from their body are likely going to be attacked by mosquitoes. Even if it stays in a distance, it can easily sense the heat because of sweating that accompanies heat.

You should know that you reduce heat emission if you do not want constant mosquito bite.

Those that take plenty of beer

In addition, those people who consume plenty of beer can be friends of mosquito because it will be biting them. Mosquito loves beer and it will continue to attack you.