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5 Powerful Ways to Get Long Shiny and Silky Hair

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Hair is one of very important part of the human body. Every person wants to look beautiful & smart.

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Hair increase the look and smartness of your body. Having beautiful long & silky hair is desire of every men as well as women.

Many persons have good hair naturally but they don’t take good care & their hair goes weird and many persons don’t have good hair naturally by birth.

Don’t worry we have solution for both. Just follow these 5 powerful ways to get long shiny & silky hair.

1) Shampoo & conditioner can help you to get silky hair

We are living in polluted and dusty environment. We can not see dust around us but it really exist. Your hair can go in bad condition because of this dusty & dirty environment.

You should use shampoo & conditioner to fight against it. But keep in mind that these shampoo products should be sulfate free. You can easily find these products in super market.

2) Combing hair with wide-toothed comb can help you to get long hair

After the shower & using the shampoo, next step is to comb your hair. We suggest you to use wide-toothed comb which must be made of plastic.

Actually when you comb your hair with comb at this moment blood circulation will increase. It will help you to get long and healthy hair. If you are having hair fall problem, so we suggest you not to comb your hair when these are wet.

3) Oil massage can increase the shine of your hair

Oil massage is well known and most popular method of increasing shine of hair. People have adopted this method many years before and using this till now.

It increases the blood circulation on our scalp which helps in hair growth and its shine. If you are having hair fall problem so we don’t suggest you to massage directly to scalp. You can use cotton ball dipped in the oil to apply oil on scalp.

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4) Flat iron can remove puffiness of your hair

Sometimes dry hair get puffy. At this stage you can use flat heat iron to remove puffiness of that part. Start moving this iron from the root to end of the hair and see the new look of your hair.

5) Heat protectant can make your weird hair healthy

Some times it happens that when we dry our hair or do straightening of hair, it damages. At this stage using of  heat protectants spray can help you to solve this problem by making an extra layer and help you to get long shiny & silky hair.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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