5 Benefits of the NAD IV Therapy Detox

Withdrawal symptoms and cravings are common roadblocks to alcohol addiction recovery. Since the brain is used to having alcohol around, it gets messed up when the person stops drinking. In this case, a NAD IV therapy detox is seen to provide relief towards full recovery.

Beating addiction is never easy. There’s no easy way out of it, but various treatment options are available to help patients get clean.

In this post, we share how nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) can become an integral part of the recovery process.

NAD and substance abuse

NAD is a chemical compound that plays a vital role in the proper functions of our body’s defensive genes. It repairs damaged cells, supports metabolic functions, and keeps brain processes in check.

In relation to that, individuals with alcohol addiction have low or depleted NAD levels. Also, it’s believed that people with naturally low NAD levels are predisposed to substance use disorders.

When this happens, the body won’t convert food to energy efficiently. This also means that the brain won’t receive ample energy for proper functions.

Also, it will slow down the body’s metabolism, allowing toxins to accumulate. Worse, it will make the person’s cravings for drugs or alcohol stronger. 

So aside from drug rehab or alcoholism treatment programs, many are also exploring NAD IV therapy.

How do NAD IV treatments help with alcohol detox?

1. It can help curb cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

The body has opiate receptors stimulated by alcohol and drugs, which gives the “high” feeling. As these receptors get stimulated, the person will crave the substance, thus addiction.

NAD binds with these receptors to counteract cravings. While NAD drips are not a cure for addiction, it helps a lot in easing symptoms temporarily. In the long run, this relief will play a big role in the success of addiction treatment.

Still, the benefits of NAD IV vary per person. Some report a reduction in cravings while others don’t get any cravings at all.

2. It can flush out toxins from the body.

Heavy alcohol consumption will take a toll on a person’s health. It will cause free radicals to accumulate in the body, which will create more health issues.

So aside from combatting alcohol cravings, NAD infusions also help flush out bodily toxins. This will aid in the person’s addiction recovery and health restoration.

The best part is that this detox can be done without any medications. You will enjoy the benefits of NAD without any side effects.

3. It can boost mental clarity.

Increased levels of NAD will enhance the person’s cognitive clarity. This will help the patient focus on the treatment and achieve full recovery.

Moreover, NAD will help restore proper brain functions. As mentioned earlier, it will reduce cravings by delivering more energy to the brain.

To some extent, this can also alleviate the stress of patients in recovery.

4. It can restore cellular energy.

NAD IV drips will drastically improve the energy of individuals dealing with alcoholism. This allows body cells to convert food to energy more efficiently. It will also initiate cell and DNA repair.

If taken long-term, NAD IV therapy will enhance the mood and physical activities of the person. The bonus part is that this treatment also slows down aging and reduces symptoms of insomnia.

5. It’s delivered discreetly.

Lastly, NAD IV treatments can be delivered discreetly to your choice of location. Here at IV Concierge, we specialize in private IV therapy sessions for your peace of mind.

Instead of going to treatment centers, we will be the ones to reach you. Whether it’s in your home, office, or hotel room, our board-certified nurses will arrive.

You will enjoy optimal comfort and convenience with our concierge services. You can watch TV, read a book, or sleep as you receive your NAD drip.

We can also create a personalized wellness plan to match your needs. Our goal is to restore your body’s natural strength without any judgments.


There are no shortcuts to recovering from addiction. It’s a long process that requires medical intervention and support.

Overall, NAD IV therapy should only be used as a complementary solution to your recovery regimen. You should still seek medical care from an addiction medicine physician.

In the end, there’s no overnight cure for alcohol addiction. NAD drips can be a beginning or a side treatment to help you overcome this challenge.