Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery, also known as cosmetic surgery, often gets a bad rap. It’s portrayed as the domain of the unethical, preying on the insecure.

This is far from the truth; rather than an exploitative practice, cosmetic surgery is a way to help people live happier and even healthier lives. Here are some of the best reasons to give cosmetic surgery another thought.

It doesn’t have to be a Huge Change

When people think about plastic surgery, they tend to think about massive alterations — liposuction, facelifts, and other noticeable alterations to the patient’s form. This isn’t always, or even often, the case.

You can use cosmetic procedures to slightly alter a facial feature, tweak a problem area on your body, or remove a small blemish. Rather than entirely remaking yourself into some new you, many surgeries instead help you find the real you that is already there, lurking behind a small defect or imperfection.

It’s More Affordable than You Think

Another common mis-perception is that cosmetic surgeries are so prohibitively expensive that they are only practical for the mega-wealthy.

This is also untrue. While it is factual that high-end procedures can cost a pretty penny, and that your insurance may balk at covering any of the cost, smaller operations like those mentioned above cost less than a whole body reconstruction, placing them within reach of middle-class families.

Moreover, many doctors offer payment plans or other credit instruments to keep their expertise within the means of a wider variety of customers.

It Can Improve Your Health

Not only can they make you look good, but so-called cosmetic procedures are sometimes a fine way to improve your health as well. Take rhinoplasty, for instance. This surgical procedure, more commonly known as the nose job, is thought of as a surgery that services the vanity of the well-heeled.

But sufferers of certain nasal and sinus ailments, like seasonal or pet allergies, might beg to differ. Reshaping the nose doesn’t just change the outside. It also rearranges the parts of the nose you don’t see, and that can help relieve the pressure of congestion. Just make sure you are talking to a board certified surgeon like Dr. Honrado.

Recovery Time is Less Than You Think

In movies and television, wealthy dowagers are always recuperating from a facelift or other major surgery, forever walking around covered in bandages which stay on for an interminable period. In the real world, though, recovery times are typically far shorter.

Most patients who undergo plastic surgery recover within a matter of a few days. Of course, the bigger the procedure, the longer the recovery, but odds are good you’ll return to normal activity in less time than you thought possible, provided you pay attention to the doctor’s orders.

There are as many reasons to get cosmetic procedures as there are people getting them, and all of them are good. As long as you have thought through your decision and made a solid plan, there is no reason you should not attain your ideal look. Consult with a doctor today, and find out how you can make a better you.