The primary cause for weight gain is unhealthy eating habits. Many people are obese today, not necessarily because of leading a sedentary life but because they made the wrong food choices. Overall, obesity has become a big issue;   you read about it every day on the Internet and newspapers, and you watch the series on TV. Regardless of the wrong food choices you’ve made, it is often possible to turn your life around.

By eating healthy foods for weight loss and leading an active lifestyle, you will be not only able to lose the weight that you’ve gained in the past but also live happy and healthy for longer. Following is a list of the healthiest foods you should consider if you are serious about losing weight.

Whole Eggs

There are two fundamental facts about whole eggs that many people don’t know. First, many people have often nurtured the notion that Whole eggs are high in cholesterol. The truth, though, is this statement is false and flawed because on the one hand, eggs don’t cause heart attacks, and on the contrary, they do not have any effect on blood cholesterol. Secondly, whole eggs have good amounts of proteins and healthy fats, making them among the best foods for weight loss.

Leafy Greens

Leafy Greens are healthy meals, but not too many people go to the grocery to buy them anymore. In fact, many individuals have created for themselves a culture where they prefer processed foods to leafy greens, and that is very dangerous. Of course, switching attention from processed meals to leafy greens like spinach, kales, and collards shouldn’t be difficult, but you definitely won’t stop eating processed foods if you haven’t decided to lose weight yet.

Lean Beef

Meat isn’t the most popular meal in many eateries today. It’s probably not one of your priorities, either. Many people have demonized meat; they think the meal is bad and dangerous to health. While these are true statements, it is important to understand that there are two categories of meat: processed meat (unhealthy) and red meat (healthy). The former is dangerous to your health, so you shouldn’t even try eating it, but the latter does not have any effects on health, to say the least.


SeafoodYou must keep your metabolism running optimally, and the best way to do that is to eat foods that boost the functions of the thyroid. It is important to note that thyroid requires sufficient iodine to function properly. Marine foods are the best sources of iodine. Because many people eat marine foods almost every day, it is safe to say that many people get the sufficient iodine required to optimize metabolism. Seafood has sufficient Omega-3 fatty acids, the nutrient that helps to reduce inflammation, metabolic diseases, and obesity.

Chicken Breast

If you were not eating chicken breasts often, this would be the best to start including the meal in your diet. Because it has high protein, the chicken breast will help you to burn up to 100 calories per day. The more protein you eat, the more likely you are to eat less.

Moreover, eating more proteins will reduce the desire for snacking, making it easy for you to lose weight quickly by at least a pound every week.


SoupsSoups are healthy meals, but it is highly unlikely that you ever consider them on your diet. In fact, when many people write their meal plans for a day, a week, or a month, soups are often the least significant, so they may or may not appear on the list of the preferable meals. However, something unique about soups that makes it quite essential. They have a lower energy density, and that means they can make you eats fewer calories. Notice, also, that the more soups you drink, the more likely you will no longer crave to eat a lot or unnecessarily.


Beans are awesome food for weight loss, so you should consider eating them at least two or three times every week. Beans are probably the most popular source of protein and fiber, so taking beans should help you feel full faster, leaving no rooms for unnecessary cravings.


LegumesYou should eat legumes every week; if you have never tried the food before, this is your best chance to start. Because legume is a good meal for weight loss, it will help you to lose weight faster than if you took an equivalent meal without bothering to include beans.


If you do not love eating meat, try some Tuna.  Tuna is always a very popular mean because of its low-calorie content. Moreover, it’s high in protein, which makes it the best meal for those who are looking for perfect foods for weight loss. Of course, you aren’t going to eat Tuna everyday for the rest of your weight loss program, but it is important that you include it in your lunch, or dinner, at least three times a week.

Green Tea

Losing thighs and belly fat is not going to be easy, and sometimes you may feel a little bit frustrated that your exercise program isn’t bearing fruits. Because you already know that there is no shortcut to cutting down the frustrating pounds, the best thing to do would be to back your exercise program with a healthy meal, and the best option, in this context, of course, is the green tea.

A few health and fitness authors and personal trainers together agree that if you spend hours in the gym without having drunk green tea, your weight loss efforts won’t give you better results. It is important to understand that people who drink four or five cups of green tea every day are likely to lose weight fast during their gym sessions. Green tea has the nutrient catechins, whose role is to hinder the storage of belly fats. Catechins nutrient doubles as a powerful weight loss booster, so you should find green tea quite useful for weight loss.

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