Some workplaces are more risky than others. Usually, employees understand the risks that come with their job and train and prepare accordingly. However, once in a while, even a job that you think is safe can become the setting for a terrible accident. Knowing how to react and survive a scary accident will require a calm head and quick response.

Emergency Response Service

If you become the victim of a serious injury or accident at your job, the first thing that you should do is call an emergency response service to help you. If you are unable to call yourself, make sure that someone around you knows that you have been seriously injured and that you need help.

Most employers have a plan in place in case of an emergency situation. Emergency response workers like those at 911 Industrial Response Inc. are trained to handle all types of situations.

Make sure to give them any information that may help them give you the best care (allergies, medical devices, etc.) Wearing a chain tag or bracelet with this information will make it easier for emergency workers to identify your special needs.

First Aid

The minutes following an accident are vital to your survival. Knowing first aid so that you are able to provide care for yourself, could save your life. The most important things to look for if you are conscious and able to do so, are control bleeding and try to prevent going into shock.

It is important to elevate your injury above your heart and apply pressure to your wound. If you are bleeding heavily, you need to make sure that help is coming for you. If you lose too much blood and hyperventilate, you could go into shock.

This will not help your situation. Staying calm and collected and making sure you notify someone of your situation are your best bets.

Enlist First Responders

The people that respond first to your accident will very likely be the ones that call for emergency responders and give you the first primitive care you receive. If you are conscious, make sure they understand what happened to you and what your injuries may be.

If you took a fall, try not to move or let anyone move you until emergency units arrive. If you injured yourself in the fall, you could cause greater damage by moving positions. Have first responders talk with you and help control breathing and bleeding.

A workplace accident can be a scary ordeal. With the correct steps, you can survive. You may even possibly prevent a future accident by helping to identify a dangerous situation. The best thing you can do is arm yourself with first aid knowledge and utilize others to get you through an emergency situation.