Sometimes, performance in bed is just in your head. There are also times when it is an actual physical malfunction. Problems with sexual performance, fertility, and virility for most men are often caused from lifestyle choices or emotional issues.

According to Roy Buchinsky, MD, an internal medicine specialist, the keys to having a fulfilling sexual function and healthy sex drive start with you having a clear mind as well as clean arteries that will deliver blood into your penis.

“What a lot of men don’t realize is the fact that the brain is the biggest sex organ,” says Dr. Buchinsky. “Too often, they put all of their focus into their penis whenever they experience infertility, erectile dysfunction (ED), or any other sex-related issue.”

“In reality, you may just be going through an emotional or mental problem. To give you an example, whenever you are anxious, stressed out or depressed, that affects your brain which results in the restriction of oxytocin secretion. If you have a good amount of oxytocin in your system, you won’t just feel good, but you’ll also be able to enhance your relationship. As you touch other people and create bonds, you increase the oxytocin levels in your body, resulting in a heightened sexual stimulation,” added Dr. Buchinsky.

However, that’s not all you need to know. Your lifestyle may create sex-related issues as well as it can restrict blood flow, which thwarts your ability to get an erection. “High blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol are among the many conditions which will restrict blood flow through the arteries,” said Dr. Buchinsky.

“A flow of blood that is inhibited won’t just impair the ability of a man to have and sustain an erection but will also limit the person’s ability to achieve an orgasm.” So, how can a man protect his manhood?

Keep on reading as we have listed a few tips on how you can ensure that your erection is protected and ultimately improve your experience in bed.

Limit Your Alcohol

As you may already know, alcohol will enhance your desire to perform sexual activity. However, it will reduce your performance. Alcohol won’t only cause impotence. It also leads to infertility according to Dr. Buchinsky.

Watch Your Medications

There are people who are on prescriptions in order to address depression or high blood pressure. Some of these prescriptions can cause delayed orgasms, impotency, and erectile dysfunction. If you are having sexual problems, we suggest you discuss the prescription drugs you are taking with your physician and ask if there are alternatives that won’t cause problems.

Don’t Smoke

Smoking is bad for erectile health. Smoking cigarettes can damage the smallest blood vessels of your body, which are involved in the generation of erections. A study from British Urology Journal International found that men who’ve managed to quit smoking develop erections sooner and have firmer ones compared to those who smoke.

Avoid Using Anabolic Steroids

This one is definitely a no-brainer. Anabolic steroids are very bad for erectile functioning. What’s more, steroid use can result in a reduced sperm count and infertility. It can definitely mess up with your natural testosterone levels. As time passes, the steroids will interrupt the normal hormonal axis of your body, leading to low testosterone levels which cause erectile dysfunction. It usually takes at least three months for men to normalize their sperm count once they get off steroids. However, the damage and the duration of the recovery will depend on the quantity of the drug that’s in the body.

Avoid Stress

It is well-established that stress has a serious effect on people’s sex lives. It also has the same effect on erectile functioning. The stress that you obtain from work, home or in a relationship contributes to ED. Because stress affects all age groups, erection problems may also be experienced by men who are in their early 20s. This is one of the reasons why a lot of younger men today are already complaining about erectile issues. Most of them turn to drugs in order to address the problem, but yoga, massage, and meditation can also be utilized in treating ED because they have a psychological basis rather than physical when it comes to the younger generation.

Deep Clean

For uncircumcised men, shower time is very necessary. Smegma, according to American Cancer Society, increases the risk of developing penile cancer. This means scrubbing up won’t just protect your erection, but also your overall health.

Get Sleep

Experts, even up to today, are not sure why they are associated; however, sleep deprivation has a negative effect on a man’s erection. It is even beyond simply being tired for sex. Most experts would tell older people with mild ED to have sex when they are fully rested. For most, this means doing it in the morning.

Eat Right

If you are worried that you might experience ED, focus on adopting a diet that is good for your heart. Your circulatory system plays a huge role in erectile functioning. Eat a lot of fish, fruits, and vegetables, and avoid consuming too much salt, sugar, and fat.


exerciseEven if you already have a healthy weight, regular exercise will further help in enhancing your sexual performance. Even among men who are healthy, studies have proven that those who exercise regularly have less chances of developing ED compared to men who are sedentary. Exercising will also improve your libido as well as overall mood. These two contribute to your goal which is to have a fulfilling sex life.

Nurture Your Relationship

A loving relationship with your partner will enhance your sexual desire. What’s more, it will make you a more willing lover to your partner, and she will definitely see the change with your performance in bed.


Men are mostly reluctant to talk about their sexual problems. However, now that you have finished reading this article, you are already a step closer to finding a solution to your problem and having a better and more passionate sex life.