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10 Tips in Losing Weight A Soon to Be Bride Should Know


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Sometimes it pays well to take care of your body at a young age. But then some realizations to look best seem to come only to your mind once special days are coming near. Like a prom night, a wedding day or a big party. That’s when you decided to either prep up or lose some weight. And some would want it fast. But no, that would defeat the purpose.


For any occasion, especially for weddings for that matter, losing weight prior to the big day shouldn’t be done in haste. So as you have planned for your wedding, your weight loss goal should be thought of in advance too. Now there is nothing like wearing that dress that awesomely hugs your figure right?
Losing Weight

Why Losing Weight Before the Wedding Day Matters

You know it isn’t only to look good, it is to feel good. Knowing that you aren’t bulging in unlikely places in your wedding dress can lend a peace of mind. Feeling beautiful will show too as you walk down the aisle.

So as the diet and tips that we will see later is all about being healthy, you reap something for your health too, and that’s for long term goals, not just for the sake of the day.

Tips, Tips, Tips

  1. Measure the calories. You don’t exactly have to forego some things. You can eat them in a much moderated amount such as the calories are counted. Being aware of the food you eat won’t rob you the enjoyment, you can still enjoy it. Make the wedding gown your sole motivation and you’re on.
  2. Eat nutritiously. Eating nutritiously pays off later. You can try the technique of eating every 4 hours. Eat healthy food at this interval and you will be burning fat easier than before.
  3. Don’t skip breakfast. And for now I guess you already knew that.
  4. Avoid processed food and drinks. I mean if you can avoid the chips, the soda, the fast food, then why not? They contribute a lot to the calories and the fat consumption. Eliminating it means eliminating a couple of pounds too.
  5. Hydrate. Always drink lots of water. Also drinking water makes you feel full, minimizing your cravings for food. Plus it helps in washing away waste in your system.
  6. Always have a post workout meal. This meal should be able to provide your muscles the strength to rebuild again. Rebuilding muscles are healthy, meaning they will be replacing fats instead of being there as fats.
  7. Workout. Working out has never been short of benefits. But for tips, when you do some run, cycle or other routine that requires repetitive tasks, make sure you change rhythm. Change from slow to fast to slow to fast. This helps in burning more fats as compared to steady pacing.
  8. Tone. Once you lose weight, there is tendency for the skin to sag a little if not much depending on the weight you lose. A toned muscle looks good and is a payment for hard work too.
  9. And if ever you lose again all the motivation, think of the gown, the aisle and how you will be walking on it. Believe me, it’s worth it.
  10. Clean out your pantry your refrigerator. Throw away the food that you think contributes greatly to your weight gains.

Sometimes the wedding preparations can cause stress making you forget of yourself and the things that you should have doesn’t to look best in the big day. Losing a couple of weight won’t harm you. Keep focus and remember that you don’t have to stress yourself too. Take everything easy.

The satisfaction you will feel later is another way to be proud of yourself. Plus rigorous workout, being mindful of your diet may help in taking your mind off from the usual pre-wedding jitters. Though we may not ask you to take your mind completely out of your wedding planning, still it will help if you have some side trips to work your mind off.

So instead of shopping or strolling or sipping coffee, why not try a couple of healthy workouts instead? Go for a run, swim, and do yoga. And the best thing is you can do it with your fiancé. And that makes it more meaningful later. So wedding dress or not, as a bride, you should be able to remember this. Additional tips can be found all over the internet too.

You can take a snip and cut a couple of tips you may not like, take those that are tasteful for you and voila! You’ve got a weight loss regimen tailored by you. Goodluck!

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