Winterize Your Body: Stay Warm and Healthy

People around the globe find difficult to cope with the winter season. The entire atmosphere is cold during this season. Dull weather, chills, frost and untimely rains can make this season more miserable. Sometime this season is often called flu season and the season where contagious diseases spread easily. Get winter wellness products at Pulse Plus Pharmacy and stay healthy all the time.

Nights are long and days are short which makes individuals stay indoors and less active. You may notice body aches, dryness, cold, flu, and sluggishness invading you often this season. Few people suffer from depression- Seasonal affective disorder(SAD) that tend to cause depression, especially during winter season. Although there are few people who love gazing at the dew drops on the grass, some people utterly hate this season. Read the article to know how to keep your body warm and healthy during the winter season.

So how do you enhance your winter wellbeing? It’s all about making good choices and changes to your lifestyle as per the season.

Change your eating regime

Your immunity should be very strong during the winter season. Eating the right food packed with nutrients and antioxidants will be the best option to boost your body’s immunity. Consuming balanced diet all around the year and getting essential nutrients must be a wise choice. Concentrate on consuming foods that help keep your body warm. Soup and stews will help keep the chills at bay.

In order to stay warm, lubricated and healthy indulge in eating high-quality dairy, nuts, dried fruit, spices and organic meats. Researchers also found that fish eaters in the winter season are more healthy than non-fish eaters. The enormous vitamin D, Vitamin A, calcium, and magnesium found in the fish will prevent any major deficiency that occurs during the winter season.

Stay hydrated

Yet another key element to winterize your body is to stay hydrated all day long. People concentrate on drinking more fluids and water during summer but winter can be also dehydrating. The low humidity during the winter season dries your skin, and the mucous membranes of your throat, nose, and lungs this why you feel like breathing a hot dry air. Drinking sufficient water during the winter season will keep your mucous membranes moisturized.

Irrespective of any season, be mindful that your body needs water to function properly. Staying hydrated helps regulate your body temperature which is essential for the functioning of tissues, cells, and organs. Hence your immune system is strong enough to fight any airborne diseases during peak cold and flu season. Apart from drinking water, consuming hot beverages counts too. Drink hot herbal teas to keep you cozy during the winter season.

Sunlight exposure

Many people tend to stay indoors during the winter season and are unaware of the health benefits of sunlight. Exposure to sunlight has a great impact on circadian rhythm, seasonal affective disorder(SAD), sleep quality and depression. Sunlight is the rich source of vitamin D which prevents heart diseases, high blood pressure, prostate cancer and dementia.

People with limited sunlight exposure reported having poor sleep quality. Sunlight is essential for the functioning of sleeping hormones-Melatonin that makes people fall asleep. So during the winter time, the melatonin levels are very low.

In order to compensate for the natural sunlight, Dawn stimulators and light therapy will help you. Setting Dawn stimulators in your bedroom mimics the natural sunlight. Do not underestimate the power of sunlight for your body. It’s time to step out and enjoy the morning sunlight.

Get outdoors and stay active

Most people tend to stay outside during the spring and summers. But with wintertime, the world seems to be shut. As it is essential to keep your body warm during the winter season, people ignore going out. Seek out similar activities for your favorite summer ones and step outside to get the fresh air. Find and try some physical activity that will take you outside during the day and get the sunshine on your face.

As discussed earlier, sunlight has numerous health benefits and can regulate your body’s internal clock. Walking and cycling are the best ways to stay active during wintertime. Do not limit your physical activities at winter time, as it can help improve your immune system. Hence during the cold months get closer to nature and feel revived.

Stay social and guard your mental health

Your social wellbeing and mental health are imperative during wintertime. Getting sunlight and fresh air not only helps but having a good sleep, vitamin supplements will enhance your overall wellbeing. Winter can trigger and other disorders in many people. Have an eye on your mood and mental health during the colder days. Whether you have a previous history of the seasonal affective disorder(SAD) or not, you should be extra mindful of your mood swings.

Hence social interaction is significant for those people living in the cold areas. Daily conversations with your neighbors will keep your mood healthy and happy. Social networks in real life will avoid “cabin fever” during the winter. Do not forget that winter has more to give you- Christmas and new year that bring people together. It’s time to plan and enjoy the feast along with your loved ones.

Personal hygiene

Getting infections and spreading of germs is more common during the winter times. Germs spread rapidly from one person to the other when coughing or sneezing in close confinement indoors. Hand sanitizing is the simple and effective way to stop these infections being spread to one another. Winter sickness is mostly spread through our hands. Therefore wash your hands thoroughly after using the bathroom and before cooking foods.

Hot health tips for the cold winter

  • Drink 6-10 cups of warm liquids including hot water and herbal teas to prevent dehydration.
  • Eat warm foods as soon as prepared, this will enhance circulation and keeps your body warm.
  • Wear natural fiber and woolen clothes to keep your body warm.
  • Get sufficient sleep for 7-8 hours which will keep your body healthy.
  • Avoid refined sugar which weakens the immune system.
  • Indulge eating spices like fennel, cinnamon, black pepper, turmeric, cumin, coriander, ginger, anise, mustard seeds and cardamom to help the digestion.
  • Avoid cold foods and iced drinks.
  • Get some direct sunlight as much as possible this can regulate your body’s internal clock.
  • Keep your skin moisturized to prevent skin dryness.
  • Use humidifiers to keep the air you are breathing moist.
  • Grow indoor green plants to help keep your air clean and fresh.
  • Bolster mental health and immunity with regular physical activity.
  • Say no to alcohol, as alcohol decreases core Temperatures.