Health Care System

Canada offers excellent health care, which ranks as one of the best among the top countries in the world. Not only does the country look after its citizens, but the Canadian health care system offers free medical care to anyone living in Canada, whether permanent or temporary. 

Apart from the incredible landscapes, free education, and being ranked not only as one of the safest countries but also the best to live in globally, Canada’s government-funded medical care just adds to what is already considered one nifty list of benefits.  

Health Insurance at Your Fingertips

While the government generally pays for most healthcare expenses through the Medicare health care system for everyone living in Canada, there are a couple of exclusions, including optometry, dental and mental health, unless any procedures that involve these services are considered medically necessary. Prescriptions also don’t get funded by the government. Before you apply for the Medicare healthcare system, it is necessary to keep the exclusions in mind.

Since these services and prescription medications on a monthly recurring basis can become expensive for people who are retired, the Canadian government has created a special program for retired veterans.

This program focuses on looking after Canadian veterans by ensuring they receive the care they need at any point in time. Any veterans that are disabled, injured, or retired will also receive comfortable accommodation and lifelong financial support under the Canadian health care system. While programs like this won’t eliminate the costs of all healthcare services, they will significantly reduce them.

Non-citizens and permanent residents in Canada benefit from its “universal” healthcare system. However, international students and foreign workers with valid permits can be eligible to receive healthcare coverage, which requires you to be employed full-time by a Canadian employer, or, if you are a student, be enrolled in a full-time 12-month period to complete your studies.

Do You Qualify for Medicare as a Temporary Resident?

Medicare is a publicly funded Canadian health care system that is ranked among one of the top healthcare systems globally. Since this health care system offers free medical services to all Canadian residents, it is considered one of the primary reasons why foreigners want to immigrate to Canada. Some of the top services of this program include hospital care, diagnostic tests, physician services, among many others. 

As a temporary resident, you can only apply for the health care program if you have received permanent Canadian residency, which has a 3-month waiting period in certain provinces, including Quebec, Ontario, B.C., and New Brunswick, before being eligible to access free healthcare, which depends on the provincial government where they reside.

To apply for a public healthcare insurance card upon your arrival in Canada, you can find forms at your nearest hospital, doctor’s office, pharmacy, and immigrant organization. Together with your application, you must also submit your identity document and a confirmation of your permanent Canadian resident status, should you have it.  

If you reside in Canada as a tourist or visitor, you will, unfortunately, not qualify for the Medicare health care plan. Nevertheless, you can still take out private insurance if you are visiting Canada. This option is recommended as medical expenses can be quite high, should you get ill or obtain an injury in Canada.

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Get Registered for Canadian Healthcare

Being one of the most sought-after countries in the world, Canada sure doesn’t hold back when it comes to its Canadian health care system. With every province and territory having its very own insurance plan tailored to its residents, if you are a permanent Canadian resident, have a work permit, or a student visa, you are set to receive a health insurance card from Medicare to receive unlimited benefits.

So, want to take the first step towards a better life? If you haven’t applied to immigrate to Canada yet, you can consult one of the government-approved Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) of to receive expert advice on how to make your next move.