Private General Practice

Across the UK, the NHS offers several healthcare services available to all legal residents for free. Besides, there are flourishing private healthcare services used by thousands of residents each year that offer private GPs. 

According to the Commonwealth Fund, approximately 515 private hospitals in the UK offer healthcare services to patients nationwide. The private GP frees you from the hassle of NHS GP and allows you to spend more time with your doctor. But what exactly is a private general practice? How can you benefit from it?

Private General Practice Service

Private general practitioners offer similar services to the regular NHS GP. Private GPs diagnose and treat illnesses and conditions from acute to chronic through check-ups and appointments. So, what differentiates private GPs from NHS GPs?

Private general practitioners may work independently or in private clinics and hospitals that require payment or membership to access.

What Does a Private General Practice Do?

Because the NHS is constantly battling strained resources, private healthcare can be a better option for many. Besides having a longer appointment time and quicker treatment, the private sector boasts access to a wide range of resources.

A private GP can help with general health concerns, wellbeing advice, wounds, infections, dressing care, and muscle and joint injuries.

What Are the Benefits of a Private General Practice?

While private healthcare services often come with additional payment, unlike the free NHS GP services, there are numerous unmatched benefits of accessing private GP for your healthcare requirements.

1. Quicker Service

The greatest advantage that private GP offers is the speed of the service. Most private healthcare providers offer same-day appointments and virtual consultations. The wait time to book an appointment with a doctor reduces significantly through private healthcare. Meanwhile, it takes over six weeks for NHS patients to receive diagnostic tests, meaning you might experience quicker service through private general practice.

2. Efficiency

Private healthcare often has access to highly qualified consultants and specialists. Because of that, referrals are quicker with reduced waiting time for results. Private GP services are much more efficient, offering healthcare solutions as fast as possible. 

With a private GP, you can potentially see a doctor and receive a full examination within the same day.

3. Longer Consultations and Appointments

The private general practice offers a much longer appointment time than NHS GP. Typically, private GPs provide consultation time ranging from thirty minutes to an hour ensuring you have adequate time to address all your health concerns and even refer you to a specialist if needed.

4. Personalized Bespoke Healthcare

The private healthcare sector offers greater private GP choices, with patients having the ability to choose whoever they want to see. Additionally, in private general practice, you’re more likely to see the same physician every time you visit, enhancing the quality of care and personal experience.


Legal residents of the UK are fortunate to have the NHS; it is free, and grants access to numerous GPs nationwide. However, many will acknowledge that the NHS experiences severe strain. For that reason, many people access private healthcare, which costs more but can be a worthwhile investment, especially because private general practice offers similar services to NHS GP but with less hassle.