Sizing Your Scrubs

The Importance of Sizing Your Medical Scrubs Correctly

When it comes to buying quality scrubs, sizing is key! In fact, choosing the wrong size can lead to a variety of problems, in terms of overall functionality and proficiency within the workplace. As such, you’ll need to make sure that they are the right fit for you and your hospital, not just as an employee but also as a hospital’s representative.

A person’s scrubs should provide them with comfort and quality, given that they’ll be in them for several hours a week while on the job. Whether you’re a doctor, nurse, specialist or other healthcare worker, the right fitting scrubs can make all the difference. Moreover, medical professionals deal with a lot of variety and medical emergencies on a regular basis, so they need to make certain that their scrubs are up to the task.

For those reasons alone, you don’t want your medical scrubs/uniform being too big or too small, too baggy, or too tight. For if they are too big, not only will they appear baggy and unflattering, but they may also prove to be a safety hazard depending on your work environment. Whereas, if they are too small or too tight, you will not be able to move around comfortably, and they may even cause chafing or irritation throughout the day, preventing you from performing your duties as a healthcare worker efficiently.

Owning quality scrubs helps you to stay active, sanitary, and free of stains or odors. It also means that you are properly protected from a series of microbes with antimicrobial technology. However, owning quality scrubs won’t do you any favors if the fit isn’t perfect. Now picking the perfect scrub size and fit for you might take a little time. Thankfully, our guide here aims to make finding your perfect fit a breeze, with all the information you could ever need in this article.

How Do I Get an Accurate Measurement?

When you’re sizing your scrubs, it’s important to 1) know how to measure yourself properly, and 2) take your measurements in advance. The best way to go about sizing your scrubs is to measure your height and then take your weight in pounds and divide them by two. This will give you a good idea of what size scrubs will fit you best. Additionally, you can also take individual measurements of your bust or chest, waist, height, hip, outside leg, and inseam, to further ensure that the size of the scrubs you order will fit correctly.

As size charts often include specific measurements, which will allow you to make a comparative analysis to that of your own measurements when determining the best size scrubs for you. Note, don’t rely on old measurements when you’re in the market for new scrubs. As you will want the most up to date measurements to get your perfect fit.

To properly measure yourself, follow these key points:

  • Bust or chest – Measure around your chest both at the shoulder blades as well as under the arms. The measurements taken should be over the fullest part of your breasts.
  • Waist – This is the waist measurement at the natural point where your torso bends.
  • Hip – Take the measurement at the fullest part of your hips, while standing with your feet together.
  • Inseam – Measure the inside of the leg (inner thigh), starting at the groin area.
  • Outside leg – Start at the natural waist and measure to the length you would like your scrub pants to be.
  • Height – have someone else assist you with measuring your height. Stand up as straight as possible, feet flat on the ground without shoes on.

Tips for Proper Measurements

The most accurate way to measure for a scrub top is to take your measurements while wearing the type of underwear you plan on wearing with the garment. This will ensure that the garment is fitted properly and will not fit too tight or too loose to your unique body shape. Same goes for getting the most accurate measurements for a scrub bottom.

Additionally, try to measure yourself first thing in the morning, to avoid any sort of bloating you might experience throughout the day. Also, try not to suck in your stomach. Considering you want to measure your waist in accordance to how your waist appears during the day. On that note you want to keep the measuring tape snug on your skin, without twisting it, though without leaving much breathing room as well.

Additionally, it can be extremely helpful to have a friend or family member there to assist you when taking the proper measurements. This way you won’t need to calculate or use any math to determine your perfect fit for you. Although, you can always attempt to do the measurements yourself, odds are they won’t be as accurate as if you had someone assisting you with the process.

Considering, a secondary party can ensure that the measuring tape is always level, and that you maintain proper posture throughout the process, to get the best results. As such, proper posture is another significant factor that can largely impact your ability to get proper measurements. As your posture can affect your bust and waist measurements. That’s why it is key to keep your butt and core tense (without any straining), your chest out, eyes neutral (focus on a spot of the wall), feet at shoulder width, and shoulders slightly back.

Getting as accurate numbers as possible is vastly important for determining the perfect fit and size of your scrubs. For the numbers will determine how everything comes together. Keeping that in mind, if you’re looking for a specific style of scrub (contouring, slightly roomier, or something fitting), look for a specific style of scrub rather than going up or down a size. However, if you do decide to adjust for scrub size (if one measurement is much bigger than the rest), always go up a size and use the number from your biggest measurement to determine what size you are. Considering your scrubs can always be tailored after the fact if need be.

Determine Your Unique Sizing Needs

When determining the perfect fit for your scrubs, the measurements you take can also play a large role in further determining any unique sizing needs that you might have, such as petite, tall, or plus size. For instance:  

  • Petites – For ladies under 5’4′, ordering petite size scrubs is the best option.
  • Tall – For ladies who are above 5’7” will most likely need tall scrubs specifically designed for their height.
  • Plus – For Ladies who usually wear a size 18 or larger may need plus size scrubs.
  • Big/Tall – If you’re a guy who usually wears a 2XL or larger, then our big/tall scrubs may be a good fit for you.

All of these factors listed above, play a huge role in helping you to better determine the proper size of scrubs for you. Although, there are still a variety of other factors that need to be considered before finding that perfect fit. 

How to Choose the Right Scrub Size for You?

The perfect scrub size can be a difficult question to answer. This is because the fit of scrubs is different for everyone. The best way to find your perfect scrub size is to go into a store and try on a few different sizes.

There are many factors that determine the right scrub size for you, such as height, weight, and body type. It’s important to know what style of scrub you want before you go shopping so that you can get the right fit from the start.

Identify the Fit

Today scrubs come in a wide range of styles. That’s why it’s always a good idea to take a closer look at the specific cut and design of the scrubs as a determining factor when purchasing new scrubs. For instance, some nursing/medical scrubs are designed with a looser fit, while others have a more tailored fit. Though, the more tailored the fit of the scrubs the more precise your sizing will need to be, for them to fit your body perfectly.

The ‘fit’ or style of your scrubs, as well as its tailoring, is important when choosing the right one for you. Though some of the more general fits that are mostly commonly seen across all brands of scrubs, are as follows:

  • Modern/Missy/Contemporary – this style of scrub is designed to be more fitting, following a women’s curves, accentuating a women’s physique.
  • Classic – This style of scrub is less focused on highlighting a person’s curves but rather it allows the fabric to flow more freely over the shoulder and hips.
  • Unisex/Men’s – Lastly, this style of scrub is cut to adjust to a man’s shoulders, as much as it is to a woman. Providing a good even fit for most people without accentuating any curves.

Keeping that in mind the fabric contents, which make up the scrubs you choose also plays a significant role in determining your perfect fit. 

Consider the Fabric Contents

Another key aspect that plays a role in how perfectly your scrubs fit is the fabric contents. Considering, the fabric used for some scrubs may not allow for any give or stretch in the material, while others are made up of fabric blends that include a small percentage of spandex, to allow for that little bit of extra wiggle room or stretch.

Now, if the scrubs material includes spandex to provide you some give, this could potentially impact the size of scrubs that you might choose. Furthermore, in understanding the fabric contents this may further assist you in determining whether the scrubs will shrink after being washed. If this happens to be the case, then you may have to consider going up a size to compensate for any potential shrinkage that may occur. Typically, cotton/polyester fabric blends are not likely to shrink after washing.

Thus, it may be a good idea to consider these fabric blends if you want to get the perfect fit without having to worry about any shrinkage issues. That being said, whether you need to go up a size to avoid any shrinkage issues, is also dependent on how close you are to the limit of your current size. Whether or not the scrubs you’re looking into allow for any sort of give and can handle any potential shrinkage.

Give Yourself the Best Chance Possible by Using these Tips When Picking Out a New Pair of Scrubs

Overall picking scrubs with a flatter fit, the right size, and both a comfortable and durable fabric, can be extremely beneficial to how well you are able to perform in the workplace. As medical scrubs are not just practical, they can also be an opportunity for you to show your personality and make a great first impression on your patients. For those reasons alone, choosing the perfect size of scrubs for you can make all the difference when interacting with patients/clients daily. In that, as superficial as it may sound, a good, professional impression can go a long way in helping patients express faith in the medical professionals working hard to improve their quality of life.

Although finding the right size of nursing/medical scrubs for you can be difficult, this article from the uniform experts at Head To Toe Uniforms, works to provide you with a few important tips to make the process a whole lot easier. For instance, you should look for scrubs with a stretchy fabric, pockets, and breathable material. In addition to looking for something that is comfortable and has a style that is appropriate for your workplace. After all, knowing how to size scrubs properly can greatly help you to get the professional-looking fit that matches your unique body shape. Let Head To Toe Uniforms, help you to find your perfect fit.