workers compensation

If you run a pressure washer business, you likely already know you have to have business insurance. While some types of coverage are simply nice to have for additional protection, others are required by law. Workers’ comp is one example of mandatory insurance coverage, as most states require businesses to carry this coverage for their employees. If you’re not sure why it’s so important to add workers’ comp to your business insurance policy for your pressure washer company, take a look at the coverage it offers. 

Medical Care

One of the most important types of coverage workers’ comp offers is medical care. This means if your employees get injured or ill as a result of work, they won’t have to pay for their hospital or doctor bills, as workers’ comp will pay for them. So if your employee breaks a bone or gets a severe cut while pressure washing a customer’s property, workers’ comp will pay for the emergency room visit and any surgeries or physical therapy that may be necessary. This way, neither your employee nor you have to pay for the short-term or long-term medical care out of pocket. 

Lost Wages

Another important reason to get workers’ comp as part of your business insurance policy is that it covers any income the employee misses out on as a result of injury or illness sustained at work. For instance, if your employee has to spend a few weeks at home recovering, he or she may find it hard to pay bills without that income. But workers’ comp will replace at least a portion of the wages he or she would have earned at work, giving your employee some peace of mind while recovering. 

Temporary Disability

Workers’ comp also provides coverage for temporary disability, meaning it will pay a certain amount if your employee is disabled for a period of time and can’t work. For instance, if your employee is injured seriously enough that his or her doctor says he or she cannot do the job for months or even a few years, temporary disability should kick in while the employee gets the necessary treatment, such as surgery or medication.

Temporary disability benefits pay the employee a portion—usually about two-thirds—of his or her regular wages to help him or her pay bills while recovering. This benefit ends once the doctor either decides the employee is well enough to return to work, or that the disability will be permanent. 

Permanent Disability 

If the employee’s doctor determines that the disability is permanent, the employee may be eligible for permanent disability coverage through workers’ comp. So if your employee can never do his or her job again due to the injury or illness received at work, he or she may get compensation in order to pay for bills and medical care.

This is another expense that you don’t want to have to shoulder on your own, as your employee could sue you and your company after being permanently injured at work. In this way, having workers’ comp as part of your pressure washer insurance policy can save you a lot of money in the long run, and will make sure your employees are taken care of after any horrific, permanent injuries occur due to the job. 

Funeral Expenses

If your employee is killed in a work accident, workers’ comp will pay for the funeral expenses. In most cases, this coverage will also pay death benefits to any beneficiaries of your employee. When you have this kind of coverage available, you and your employees can rest assured that if they pass away due to a work-related injury or illness, their family won’t have to try to find the money to pay for a funeral or replace the lost wages on their own.

In addition, you won’t be expected—or legally required via lawsuit—to pay for the funeral either. When you run a company where employees may be working in dangerous situations, having this kind of coverage from workers’ comp should give you and your staff some peace of mind in case the worst should happen. 

As you can see, workers’ comp provides a wide range of coverage for employees. Adding it as part of your pressure washer business insurance policy will ensure that employees know if they become ill, injured, or killed on the job, they and their family won’t have to pay the associated expenses.

Additionally, you and your company won’t have to pay those costs, either, as your insurance policy will take care of them. If you want to know more about the benefits of workers’ comp or are ready to get a quote, feel free to contact your local insurance agency to learn more.