You may not be aware that there are a lot of home remedies that you can use to stop your snoring. Most people would just use anti snoring aid to stop snoring but these devices can only help to stop snoring temporarily. These home remedies can help you to save a lot of money if the doctor tells you that your only option is to undergo a surgery to put the snoring to an end.

Many of these home remedies are food that can be purchased cheaply from your local supermarket. The following are the top 7 natural snoring remedies that can help you to stop snoring.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint OilPeppermint oil is a good remedy to those who snore because it contains an inflammatory property that can alleviate the inflammation in the throat lining. It is suitable for use in stopping snoring whether you have been snoring for a long time or it is just occurring temporarily as a result of allergy.

The best way to use this remedy is to make a gargling solution and this can done by dropping 1 – 2 drops of peppermint oil into the water. Before you go to bed, make sure you gargle with this peppermint oil gargling solution.

Another method to use this remedy is to add a few drops of peppermint oils into a humidifier. If you turn on the humidifier with the peppermint oil throughout the night, you will find that you won’t snore while sleeping.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory remedy that can ease the swelling along the lung passages and tighten up the muscles beneath the palate. Before going to bed, you can drink 1 – 3 drops of olive oil to sooth the throat. Olive oil mixed with honey can also be used to ease the vibration sound that is made when the air rub against the loose tissues on the palate during your sleeping.

Drinking Tea

Drinking tea can help you to get rid of everything that is congesting the air way. Tea features an anti inflammatory property that can effectively prevent snoring at night. Drinking tea can relax the muscles and nerves on your throat. Any type of tea will do including chamomile, and black tea.

To make tea, simply put one tea bag of the tea of your choice into a cup of water. After the tea bag has infused the water, you can boil it for a 15 minutes. Lemon and honey can be added to make the tea taste nicer. It is best to drink the tea prior to bedtime.


Honey has powerful anti inflammatory uses and will surely reduce any swell that exist along your throat when you drink it. When you drink the honey, you can feel that it lubricates your throat. When the throat is lubricated, you will find that there is no more vibration in the throat. You can take honey by mixing it into water or herbal tea and drinking it before going to bed every day.


Chewing on garlic can significantly reduce the build up on the nasal passage. The anti-inflammatory property of garlic can dissolve away the mucus and open up the sinus airway. You can chew 1 – 2 garlic at one time. After chewing the garlic, you can drink some water to wash away the acid from your mouth. Besides, you can add garlic to your cooking. For the best result, you should eat the food hot with the garlic.

Vitamin C

An effective way to clear a blocked sinus is to maintain a healthy immune system. If you want to have a health immune system, you should eat a lot of vitamin C rich food. Some of the food that are rich in vitamin include orange, lemon, broccoli, and carrot. The more vitamin C food you eat, the harder it will be for your immune system to be weakened and cause infections to occur in your throat.

Nettle Leaf Tea

Some people don’t have a habit of snoring but they tend to develop snoring at a particular season for example in the winter when the air gets to cold or during summer when the air gets too dry. If you have this type of snoring problem, you should try to drink nettle tea.

Nettle tea contains anti-inflammatory property that can sooth your lung passage way. To make a nettle leaf tea, add one tablespoon of nettle leaves into a cup of warm water and leave it there for 5 minutes before straining it. For the best result, you should drink the nettle leaf tea 2 – 3 times.