The cold, flu and sinusitis season will soon be in full swing. Prescriptive medicines can help get rid of nasal congestion, headaches and pain that goes with the illnesses.

But the side effects associated with the pills and liquids can be worse than the actual ailment. If you’re looking for a more natural treatment to alleviate your discomfort, the essential oils of aromatherapy can relieve your stuffiness.

Eucalyptus Oil

No matter if you’re diligent about washing your hands or you teach your family the importance of eating healthy, germs may still get the better of you. But you don’t need to rely on pharmaceutical products to get rid of your basic congestive symptoms. Aromatherapy is a popular method that has been in practice since ancient times. By using essential oils, you can help cure everything from anxiety to sore muscles.

The sole scent of eucalyptus oil is enough to ease your nerves and bring peace to a frazzled body. It’s also an amazing essential oil when you’re faced with congestion, sinusitis and other respiratory problems.

If you’re looking to use it as a rub, other carrier oils such as peppermint, thyme and rosemary are extremely soothing when mixed with eucalyptus. You can also add 20 or more drops of eucalyptus oil to a sprayer bottle along with peroxide. Here you’ll have a soothing mist that can help relieve your symptoms of congestion.

Tea Tree Oil

Known most commonly as a technique to provide relaxation and calmness, aromatherapy also eases other health related conditions such as congestion. But you need to find the right blends of aromatherapy products based on your needs. Tea tree oil is another amazing aromatherapy product that brings both antiseptic and antimicrobial properties to the table.

In addition to helping fight a sore or scratchy throat, tea tree oil is also beneficial at easing congestion and coughs associated with a cold. Simply rub several drops on your chest, sinuses and neck to open up your airways and improve your breathing.

Lemon Oil

Lemon OilLemon oil has a clean citrusy scent that can freshen any stale household. But if you’re looking for something to boost your body’s fighting mechanisms against sinusitis, colds and other bacterial infections, lemon oil is a true find.

When you feel the onset of a cold or congestion, simply rub a couple of drops on your throat and chest. Lemon oil may also be diffused and sprayed in the air to alleviate respiratory complaints. If you have a sore throat, the lemon oil can be added to hot tea with honey.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is primarily used to eliminate anxiety, tension, stress and pain. Its anti-inflammatory properties also find it to be most effective at aiding congestion and colds. To promote the sedative effects of the oil, it’s best when rubbed on the infected individuals feet and chest.

If you’re congested and looking to get rid of stuffiness or chest congestion, add approximately 9 or 10 drops to warm bathwater. Additional ingredients such as Epsom salt, peroxide and baking soda make the steamed bath especially amazing for those suffering with a cold.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint OilSimilar to eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil is another favorite for individuals with sinusitis and nasal congestion. It can also help treat sinus infections, headaches and allergies. If you enjoy coffee or tea, add a few drops to the warm liquid and enjoy. If you have difficulties sleeping while suffering from a cold, you can also add a few drops to a wash cloth. Place the cloth inside your pillowcase and inhale the minty fresh odor as you sleep.

Clogged sinuses that are brought on by colds and sinusitis may lead to headaches, pain and congestion. Although certain drugs and pain relievers can clear up the problem, they may add to your discomfort in the way of grogginess and dizziness. Aromatherapy is a proven science that can help bring relief to your symptoms naturally with the right essential oils.