The Common Worries Of The Elderly

Nowadays, elders have plenty of things to enjoy when they reach their senior years. But at the same time, they also worry about the numerous difficulties that they will face as they get older. Many things may concern them including physical change, medical costs, insurance rates, retirement funds, and separation from friends and family when they move to aged care homes. These problems can be more challenging for them to deal with, but you can always assist your elderly loved one by showing them your understanding and support. So, what are the things the elderly worry about? Read on to find out.

Physical change

Everyone will experience physical changes as they get older. They become more vulnerable to illnesses and injuries, while they simultaneously struggle to deal with complex care needs. According to research, the vast majority of the elders live with many chronic illnesses. This condition brings negative impacts on their body, for example, they may need assistance when to walk, or they may require specific tools to help to complete day-to-day activities, such as a wheelchair or cane. Additionally, some seniors may experience loss of hearing and vision.

Such problems frequently lead to the loss of freedom. They can not live on their own anymore, because some of the physical changes make them unable to do simple activities alone. This is why many opt to place their loved ones in a nursing home. Living in a nursing home does not mean that their freedom is taken from them. They can still maintain their independence. They can be less worried because whenever they need help, there are nursing assistants who are ready to help.

Medical costs

Based on 2014 data, the standard medical costs for a person who is 65 years old and older can reach $19,098. It is higher than the healthcare expenses of people at productive age which generally costs $ 7,153. It is not easy for retired people to bear the huge economic burden due to health care and the required treatment. 

However, paying for personal care at home may cost a fortune and most people rarely include this necessity in their retirement plan when they were young. Moving to aged care facilities can also be an option, as it is usually more affordable than hiring personal care. Nursing homes offer an economical option for health care because they have skilled and certified nurses on standby and a wide range of health and personal care services. 


Keep in mind that when your elderly loved one ages, people surround them also get older. Their children may be occupied with work and have already moved out of the house to start their own families. This circumstance often results in a smaller social circle, which can trigger the feeling of estrangement and a sense of being unconnected. To offer similar care and companionship, a nursing home can be the right choice. They will not feel lonely because they can make friends with other residents and enjoy leisure activities together.

Although those concerns can cause worry to the elderly, it is important to convince them that they are well supported in a reliable and trusted Richmond aged care so they can make the most of their golden years.