Skin Lightening

Skincare routine is one of the most important routines to have. Still, even if we do have an abundance of creams, masks, lotions, peels, etc. sometimes they simply don’t measure up to the challenges.

It is quite possible that our strong desire for smooth and glowing skin guided us to make some mistakes and opt for the products that are not very good for our specific skin type. How you will know that? Don’t worry, your skin will most likely alarm you through acne, dryness, oiliness, or any other irregularity.

Once the alarm is on, you should address a professional, instead of risking with new products. In further text, we’ll try to cover the most common mistakes in skincare, the signs your skin is giving to you and how to make it right with pro care.

Healthy Skin Saboteurs

Sometimes we all sabotage the cleanness and health of our skin, without even noticing it. One of the most common mistakes is overly zealous care. Scrubbing your face more than twice a week can lead only to inflammation.

Not cleaning your makeup brushes is the cause of not only badly applied makeup, but bacteria that will be transferred to your face. Many of us have made the mistake of leaving the skin bare after cleansing. In not more than 60 seconds after cleaning, you have to apply a lotion or a moisturizer.

We’re all guilty o using “all skin types” products, because of pure laziness. The unique needs of your skin must be responded to with adequate formulas. Sunscreen is only for the summer, right? Wrong. You should wear sunscreen daily, no matter the season.

Skin’s SOS Signals

Uneven texture and blotchy coloring are one of the first signs you should watch. The obvious problems are, of course, acne and blemishes. The irregular shedding of dead skin and overproduction of oil can be the causes of them.

Rashes and inflammations are those skin conditions which should be treated by professionals. DIY at-home care can only worsen the state of your skin, in these cases. Skin tightness and dry patches could be signs of skin dehydration.

And some of your skin products are highly likely to contribute to it. The feelings of itching, stinging or burning on the skin are never a good thing. You should address a cosmetologist or a dermatologist in this case.

Professionals Do It the Best

When DIY isn’t helping, there are some experts in their field which will give your skin proper care. Facials can clean your pores in a way that is simply impossible to perform at home. The changes on your skin can be spotted and identified by an experienced expert, which will be able to provide you further treatment.

A procedure of facial rejuvenation can easily restore youthful appearance to your face and smoothen out the skin. An esthetician can advise you on using the right formulas based on your skin characteristics.

The truth is that cosmeticians have wide range of products that is not available on stores shelves. Deep steaming and cleaning the skin can solve current skin problems, and give you a good base to continue with your own skincare routine.

Professional exfoliation treatment can remove significantly more dead cells, while still making sure the fresh skin cells are unharmed. One more major plus is that facials done in spa saloons are much more relaxing and enjoyable than at-home ones.

A proper and healthy daily skincare routine is a must. Still, it is recommendable to visit your esthetician at least seasonally (before summer/winter kicks off, it is a must).