In the UK, we tend to take wheelchair access and disabled facilities for granted, with London and similar cities throughout Britain among the most friendly in the whole world. The same cannot be said for alternative destinations across the globe; however, as there remain some locations that fail to provide even basic disabled facilities to citizens.

This is hugely detrimental to society, and the thousands of disabled individuals who struggle to maintain mobility and independence on a daily basis.

3 Global Destinations with Excellent Wheelchair Access

With this in mind, let’s take a look at three of the most wheelchair friendly locations in the world. Consider the following: –

Montreal in Canada

Montreal is Canada’s second most populated city, and as a result of this and its Western location it delivers outstanding disabled facilities to citizens. These include a modern and accessible public railway with a total of seven independent, wheelchair compatible stations.

As a continuation of this theme, residents and visitors to Montreal can also enjoy a number of popular and accessible attractions, including a fine arts museum, a picturesque botanical garden and a number of classic European-style cathedrals.

Las Vegas in America

Las Vegas is driven by tourism, so it makes sense for the location to include advanced wheelchair facilities that cater to all travelling needs. From high speed, ADA-standard transportation services to wheelchair accessible accommodation along the whole of the illuminated Vegas strip, the resort is tailor made to suit every conceivable need.

Disabled visitors with an appetite for risk can even enjoy wheelchair accessible gaming tables and slot machines in almost all of the major casinos, while hearing devices are also available at all live shows.

Seattle in North America

Arguably the single most wheelchair friendly destination outside of London, Seattle boasts everything from advanced mobility vehicles to a functional public transportation system. It has continuously been ranked as one of the most disabled-friendly cities in the whole of the U.S., although this is also in part to its condensed downtown area.

It has also benefitted from the relatively recent regeneration, with the cities first railway not built until 2009 and therefore designed to meet all ADA standards. This provides a stark contrast with metropolitan cities such as New York and Boston, who have yet to update their facilities.

Major Seattle attractions such as the Space Needle and Pike Place Market are also wheelchair accessible, marking Seattle as an entirely unique and special place.